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From: Conrad Plowman <>
Subject: YORKSGEN2000 bulletin 1
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 22:01:47 +0100

I must apologise in advance for the series of messages which follows if
you don't think they're relevant, but the Yorksgen meeting which has
started today in York is our opportunity not only to meet other Yorksgen
members, but to make our views known to "he of the colourful shirt".
Many of those who have been members for some years are here, and
hopefully they will be able to represent the rest of you. I will send a
list of attendees in a future bulletin - there will be a lot of familiar
names. Meanwhile, back to the present...........

Several people arrived in England before today, including Herbert
Harrison, who stayed with me last night, and was introduced to
Knaresborough's famous view, and the 'Malt Shovel' in Brearton. He's
bought a new digital camera, and was seen whispering in a corner with
Steve Corbett, so you may expect pictures in due course. The only snag
is, he hasn't quite mastered it yet, and you may get some pictures of
footware. I suggested that he might like to give us a haka at some
point, but he said he didn't know the words. So get surfing you lot,
and find us the words, they must be on a web-site somewhere! (but send
them to me off-list please, or we'll get into trouble).

He and Steve performed sterling work today helping arrivals at Halifax
Court. Steve is not really attending the meeting, but was in Leeds and
turned up to help, which was very good of him and much appreciated.
Anne has worked very hard ( and I mean VERY hard), and is the only
person who understands her spreadsheets - she lost me some time ago.
These teachers certainly know how to organise! She spent much of her
time at Fairfax House today.

Unfortunately, we had just set up operations in the common room at
Halifax Court, when we were kicked out to make way for a children's
party. They certainly had a good time judging by the screams. And that
was only Yorksgen delegates! No, they didn't really join in, but I
think some of them would have liked to.

17 of us had an evening meal together, which wasn't exactly an advert
for the best of english cooking, and I think the pubs will do good trade
- you should have seen their eyes light up when I said I had a copy of
'The Good Food Guide".

Actually, most people were flaked out, including Anne and me, and we
hadn't travelled half way round the world.

More tomorrow (or sometime, anyway), from me or someone else, if I can
persuade them. I'm off to bed. Bye.


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