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From: Maureen <>
Subject: Re: Copyright and free access
Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2000 13:06:06 +1000

Perhaps a central registry of UK indexing projects would be a good
idea. Judy Webster has has been maintaining just such a registry in
Australia for many years. It works very well.

To my knowledge there has been only one incident of duplication of
effort, and this is very recent. The Genealogical Society of Victoria
decided to produce an updated version of their microfiche Convict
Index. Lesley Uebel had been quietly working on making the same
information available on CD (not copied from the earlier GSV 'fiche).

Judy Webster's Indexing Projects in Australia

Home Page of Lesley Uebel

Genealogical Society of Victoria

Regards from another Maureen,
Cape Banks FHS (Sydney eastern suburbs)

>A case in point. I know that 100s, if not 1000s of hours of
>volunteers' time has been spent indexing the 1891 census for
>the Doncaster & District Society's area, and it is now available
>on microfiche from the Society. I have now learned from the list
>that it is also avilable from one of you free on his website.
>................., would not some co-operation have saved the
>unnecessary duplication and waste of all those hours of time??
>And will DDFHS be now able to sell their fiche and even recoup
>the production costs?? And what of the volunteers - they will be
>"gutted" to think they have apparently wasted their time.

>Maureen Hambrecht
>Wakefield & District FHS

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