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Stephen Gill was the father of Susannah Gill, wife of William Wigglesworth
of Padside Hall. Thomas (mentioned in the will) was William's brother the
husband of a different Susannah Gill (whose ancestry I haven't yet traced).
The Yates family are also presumably linked to the ones you posted before
where Mary Yeates married John Wigglesworth. There are legacies to the Day
family in two consecutive Wigglesworth wills (both to Francis Day if I
remember right) and a legacy to an Ellen Parkinson in Robert Wigglesworth's
will of 1614 - however I think it possible that this is to the Parkinson's
of Flasby. There is another legacy in John Wigglesworth's 1639 will to
Zachary Parkinson who may be Ellen's son, I think it possible that Ellen
might have been Robert's sister - or some other relative. It would be
interesting to know if they were related to the Cragg Hall Parkinsons since
Gill Wigglesworth, grandson of the William I mentioned above, lived at Cragg
Cottage at fewston in the middle 1800s.

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WARNING : This is a precis and not a transcription. All religious and legal
jargon, and all descent, reservations and provisos have been removed. I have
included all the basic facts and included all names and relationships where
The full version of this Will can be seen at the Sheepscar office of the

William Day - 8th June 1763 - R002

Menwith Hill, Township of Menwith with Darley

My three farms, lands and buildings, now occupied by William Gill, Richard
Challengehouse, and Stephen Gill, at Padside, Township of Thruscross, to my
brother John Day.

My two farms, lands and buildings, in Thornthwaite, now occupied by John
Holmes and Thomas Wigglesworth, also my close in Dacre Pasture, now occupied
by Rev Johnson, also my 14 cattlegates in Dacre Pasture, to my wife Isabella
Day. At her death the same to my nephew William Day, son of my brother John

All my houses and land at Menwith Hill to my wife. . At her death the same
my nephew William.

To Thomas Parkinson, Jane Parkinson, Stephen Parkinson, and John Parkinson,
the children of the late Stephen Parkinson of Craghall, and to Edward Yates,
son of Charles Yates of Padside, £200 each.

To James Rayner and Hannah Rayner, children of the late James Rayner of
Guisley, £100 each when they reach 21. should they both die before their
legacy is due then the money to sink into my personal estate.

To my brother John £100 Upon Trust to place at interest and use the interest
for the poor in Menwith Hill, Thornthwaite, and Padside.

All my personal estate, chargeable with the above legacies, to my wife, whom
I appoint Executrix under the supervision of my brother John.

Witnesses : James Collins
Benjamin Reed
Francis Bedford

Codicil - 1st February 1771

Charles Yates to read Christopher Yates, and Hannah Rayner to read Mary

Witnesses : John Robinson
Peter Metcalf

Inrolled 3rd July 1771


Am not 100% certain about the name CHALLANGEHOUSE..........Can anybody
confirm that this is correct.............??

I would be interested to hear of any "hits"...............I could well have
follow-up information and other Wills related to the names contained in the
above Will.

..............hey ho..........off I go to THE fair now............!!

Tony Cheal
Harrogate Historical Society and re-Population Study Group


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