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From: Alicia Jensen <>
Subject: Re: SHEPHERD - 1881 lookup
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2001 16:46:46 -0800

Hi Anne and List,
Yes! The prison theory IS one of our theories! Thank you so much
for sending that Anne! The age sure seems close to right as that
particular Matthew would have been born about 1849, and "our" Eliza
would have been born about 1869...! This would be just completely
priceless if this Matthew Shepherd turns out to be our Eliza's
father! ; )
Again, thank you so very much! I have a Mac, or I would have the
1881 myself...and an extra lookup such as that sure can prove
invaluable! Especially if it turns out to be who we think it is!
All the Best to Everyone,

> Is this one of your theories, Alicia??
> Regards,
> Anne in Canada
> Institution: "York Castle Prison" York

> Matthew SHEPHERD M 32 M Longthorpe, York, England
> Rel: Inmate
> Occ: Agricultural Laborer

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