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Subject: [YKS] Re: The Knaresborough Wills - Series AB (1800-1828) - Part 1
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 01:30:37 EDT

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> Hello Tony
> I'm not sure if this one is mine but would you be so kind as to give me the
> information on;
> Dickinson - Richard, AB038
> Also, I don't know if my Dickinson's would be in any of your other
> databases, maybe they couldn't afford land, or did not make the newpapers.
> But if you happen to have any information on the following I'd really
> appreciate that too.
> From the 1841 Census for Knaresborough
> Plompton-South side, Plompton Square:
> All in same house.
> Dickinson Anthony, 65, cordwainer, Anthony, 37, cordwainer
> Richard, 35, cordwainer, Christiana 30, (nee) Davison/Davidson)
> Robert 7, John 6, William 4, Thomas 3, Mary 2
> Many thanks & the information you are providing is very much appreciated.
> Regards,
> Anne in Canada

.............with compliments.............

............do you have any additional information on these individuals for
my Harrogate Database.........??

...........I have many, many references to the DICKINSON forenames you
mention, but without other information I would not be able to isolate the
correct ones for you.........

Tony Cheal
Harrogate Historical Society and re-Population Study Group
William Cullingworth - 29th September 1824 - AB038

Low Harrogate

To John Cullingworth, Joseph Cullingworth, and John Tomlinson my land in Low
Harrogate, bounded S and W by property of Major Thackwray, deceased, E by a
turnpike road, and N by property of Benjamin Winterburn, Upon Trust to divide
into three parts for my sons-in-law John Cullingworth, William Hollings, and
John Hollings.

[This Will, of 4 large sheets and a plan, gets very complicated and you
should read it for yourself, in conjunction with the plan. Further names
mentioned are listed below]

Ellen Cullingworth, his wife; John Downham; George Outhwaite; Richard
Dickinson; Charles Thackwray; Dorothy Cullingworth, his daughter; Sarah
Outhwaite, his daughter.

Witnesses : Samuel Popplewell Pullan
Robert Morley
William Jennings

Died 28th January 1826. Probate 19th April 1826. Effects under £100.

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