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From: "Roy Stockdill" <>
Subject: Re: Metcalfe - History of the Clan
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 16:59:30 +0000
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> From: Susanne & John Metcalfe <>

> Is there anyone on the list who has viewed a copy of this book by the
> Metcalfe Society? I would like to know if it worth ordering. I ask
> because in the past, I purchased a similar type book [not from this
> group] which turned out to be nothing more than some IGI groupings and
> unscholarly discussions of the origin of the name with a hodge podge of
> historical facts without a timeline.
> "Metcalfe - History of the Clan" published by The Metcalfe Society to
> mark the millennium, 252 pp, A4 hardback publication, (ISBN
> 0-9533267-0-5) limited edition ยท24.50 plus P&P
> Comments would be appreciated.>

I possess a copy and it is a splendid book. I have no Metcalfe
connections but was given a copy to review for the Journal of
One-Name Studies, which I edit.

Any comparisons with the garbage "World Books of.....[fill in any old
surname you like]" as formerly published by a rogue American outfit
called Halberts and subsequently in the UK by the late, unlamented
Harold Brooks-Baker under the Burkes Peerage umbrella, which is what
I imagine you are thinking of, are odious.

"Metcalfe: History of the Clan" was published by the Metcalfe
Society, as you say, and it is a large, coffee table-type publication
with lots of colour pictures, also maps and charts. It does not, of
course, mention every Metcalfe who ever lived, but has chapters on
the early origins of the Metcalfes and some of the main lines.

The last I heard (which was a year or three back now) it was sold
out. However, you may be able to pick up a copy somewhere or by
contacting the Metcalfe Society.

Roy Stockdill
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