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From: Kim Groothuis <>
Subject: Re: [YKS] Re;_ IGI.
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2006 19:49:38 +0000 (GMT)
In-Reply-To: <43BD0B6F.6070906@virgin.net>

IGI works fine for me and I haven't encountered the problems Roy describes, although I use Mickysoft Exploiter (nice one, Guy!)

I don't know whether this is relevant or not, but when the new front screen comes up I ignore it and go straight to the 'search' tab, because that takes me to the layout with which I am familiar.

Guy, you say it affects 'some computers'. Do you mean that there are some computers which can run IE without it happening and some which can't? If so, any idea what differentiates the two scenarios, as IE cannot then be the sole cause?


Guy Etchells <> wrote:
The fault you mention seems to be due to a bug in Internet Explorer that
affects some computers.
I have tried accessing the IGI on five different computers including a
laptop and the only time I can replicate the fault is when using
Mickysoft Exploiter.

Roy Stockdill wrote:

I get a warning
>message saying the information has not been retained and I have to
>enter it all over again - EVERY time I do a search.

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