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From: "Brian Richerby" <>
Subject: Re: [YKS] Re;_ IGI.
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2006 10:12:49 -0000
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Hi Folks

In the interests of science I have tried to break my PC!! But whatever I do
I cannot stop the IGI site from working!

I have tried changing various settings on my IE6 - no effect. Doesn't
matter which route I take through IGI either - front screen, search all,
search IGI, search census; I can access using my several year old shortcut
or going via www.familysearch.org - it just works all the time, every time!

Just to rub salt in your wounds I took delivery of my new laptop yesterday -
WinXP and IE6 and it works fine (also has Firefox but I haven't had chance
to try that).

My old laptop has no firewall and Sophos Antivirus; the new has McAffee
Firewall and antivirus. I also had another which used WinXP and IE6 with
AVG antivirus and no firewall (this one died hence the new one!!). I have
connected via my own wireless broadband at home, via the wired broadband at
work and via a dial-up modem.

Only other possibility is that the revised site uses some functionality that
you haven't downloaded from the update site. Go to windows update and look
at the custom update rather than the express. Look for any upgrades that
include ActiveX or which relate to IE - I have upgraded with everything.
Another possibility is the absence of Java - I have Java 2 Platform Standard
Edition installed on the Win2000 and the dead machine but not sure about the
new one (well I did only get it at 20:00 last night!!)

BTW - having a PC expire terminally was a sobering experience. I am
fanatical about backing up so I only lost a couple of day's e-mails. I
could have easily lost 10 years work. Have you backed up your family
history stuff? Think about that and then go do a backup!!

Brian Richerby
Guiseley, UK

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From: "Kim Groothuis" <>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: [YKS] Re;_ IGI.

> Hi June
> I think you may have hit on something there, because the process you
describe is the one I have always used on the IGI anyway - not because I had
any problems but just because I'm wary of constantly using the 'back'
button, because if you do that on Free BMD it gives you an error message
after a certain amount of time. Once I discovered that you can navigate the
IGI just as quickly via Refine Search I started to use that.
> Kim
> June Parker <> wrote:
> I have found a way round this. Once the page opens onto say marriages of
> your given name, then you click on one name to find the marriage partner,
> do not click the back button, but SEARCH RESULTS. This takes you back to
> the full page of marriages (or births). The when you are ready to go back
> to the first page to change a name etc, click on REFINE SEARCH. All is
> exactly the same.
> June
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