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Subject: Re: [YKS] Re;_ IGI.
Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2007 11:59:24 +0000
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Doesn't seem to make any difference to me cookies, time date, Firefox
works everytime IE fails on different computers

Mal and Sharon wrote:

>Hi Roy et al, yes we are having exactly the same problem. Here is the
>response my husband got from Familysearch (he thought it was our
>computer but when he tried a different computer he had the same
>If you are searching FamilySearch Internet and you click your Web
>browser's back button, you will sometimes not be allowed to perform
>another search. (The second search may result in a page loading error
>message or display error message.) You can avoid this error in one of
>the following ways:
>. On the Search Results screen, click [refine search] in the
>top right portion of the screen.
>. On the Record view (for an individual or for a family),
>click Search Results in the top left portion of the screen, and then
>click [refine search] in the top right portion of the next screen.
>If you click the Back button, and you get a Page Expired message, do one
>or all of the following:
>. Make sure that you have cookies enabled for your browser (or
>for the FamilySearch site, if you have Internet Explorer 6).
>. Download the latest update for your browser the Microsoft
>Web site (www.microsoft.com).
>. Make sure that the time is set correctly on your computer.
>If the time on your local system is too many minutes faster than the
>standard time kept on the Internet, then you might have problems using
>the FamilySearch site or any other site that uses cookies.
>We hope this information will help you.
>We wish you success as you continue with your Family History work.
>I have cookies enabled, I have made familysearch a 'trusted site' in
>internet explorer and via my security software.the only thing left is
>the time and I would have thought a computer that is six months old
>would tell the time properly but I will investigate that aspect too and
>let you all know if it works.
>Good luck all!
>Sharon in Canberra
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>Subject: Re: [YKS] Re;_ IGI.
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>>Mind you, I do think the site is less simple to use since they
>changed the
>It is not just less simple, it has become intolerably and
>infuriatingly erratic!
>Whereas previously when you went back to the search screen the
>information you had entered was still there, now I get a warning
>message saying the information has not been retained and I have to
>enter it all over again - EVERY time I do a search. So you get up a
>list of entries you are interested in, look at the full data, go to
>the source etc, but when you try to go back to the list of entries
>you find they've gone and you have to start all over again by
>re-inputting the information into the search fields. I have on
>occasions ended up almost screaming at the screen.
>Is anyone else finding this and, if so, does anyone have any
>ideas as to what can be done about it? I e-mailed the FamilySearch
>support but all I got back was a message saying it must be my fault
>or the fault of my browser. Trying to get help or information from
>Salt Lake City is like trying to extract a genuine, truthful answer
>from a politician! I get the feeling that most of the time they don't
>understand what you are talking about.
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