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From: "Roy Stockdill" <>
Subject: The Yorkshire Code
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 14:29:40 +0000

In view of the thread about the boundaries of Yorkshire and the
Ridings, I thought newer members of the list may be interested in
this statement that appears on the website of the Yorkshire Ridings
Society at: www.yorkshire-ridings.org.uk

"Always remember that the areas administrated by local councils do
not in any way replace Yorkshire and its Ridings - they are purely
local government administrative areas and can be altered or abolished
at any time.

"Never refer to the abolition of the Ridings of Yorkshire - this is
not true. There is no statutory foundation for such a statement, so
correct anyone who thinks that there is.

"Always use Yorkshire correctly - mean the geographical county which
has existed for over 1100 years.

" Wherever you live in Yorkshire use a Yorkshire postal address
including the postcode. This is acceptable to the Post Office and is
all that is necessary to ensure that your mail is delivered

" Always ensure that maps show the geographical boundaries instead
of, or as well as, the administrative ones. The latter can easily be
changed by Parliament or the Boundary Commission. The Yorkshire
boundaries are permanent.

" If you are a Yorkshireman or woman always insist on your Yorkshire
rights, and privileges whenever they are threatened.

"Ensure that children are taught the truth about Yorkshire, and are
not denied access to their heritage and identity. "

This sets out the position very clearly. Administrative boundaries
are pure devices for meddling civil servants and local officials with
little better to do than interfere with things that are working
perfectly well as they are, and, as the Ridings Society points out,
they can be messed about and changed at any time. Whereas, the
traditional, geographical boundaries of Yorkshire have existed for
well over 1,000 years. In fact, it has often occurred to me that if
you go back before the 12th century most of Lancashire was actually
in Yorkshire as well (Lancashire being a Johnny-come-lately so far as
the formation of counties is concerned, being virtually the last to
be formed). Only the thought of whether we would actually WANT
Lancashire back prevents me from campaigning for its restoration to
Yorkshire ! <v.b.g.>

Roy Stockdill
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