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From: "Robin's wool" <>
Subject: Re: [YKS] Re: Blue Blood at last ..possibly
Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 14:39:23 +0000
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Oral history in our family is that my great great grandmother was the
daughter of Edward VIIth ....

When I first heard this I wondered is this possible ... Elizabeht ALTOFT was
born in the Workhouse at Thorne in December 1854 the illegitimate daughter
of Jane ALTOFT who was a domestic servant ...
And their story after that is curious ... Both worked as Dom serv ... But
Jane was able to stay with grandma in 1861 not go back to work as would be
And they both move to Crayke and marry there (still dom serv at marriage )

The trouble is young Edward was only 13 at the relevant time .. But
considering his later life ... ....

Have not yet found the connection between Crayke and Amcotts (Isle of
Axeholme) where the ALTOFTS were ...

Will we ever find out ... Unlikely but an interesting story ...


Robin and Margaret McEwen-King
Lanark Scotland

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