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Subject: Re: [YKS] Last Rites
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 15:03:57 +0100
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Ike Dawson wrote:
> Good Afternoon George
> As the children appear to have been baptised as C of E and not as RC,
> the RC church would not consider them to be full members or part of
> their church. If that state remained to death the RC would only be
> abiding by its own rules: not RCs, no last rites.
> Perhaps their father in distress at such early fatal illnesses, as RC
> himself felt he had a 'right' to this rite for his children as fopr
> himself.
> OTOH one could empathise with the rest of the family apparently taking
> the view it was a cruel manipulation of power at a time of great
> personal distress.
> At that time RC church members generally were heavily discriminated
> against. An apocryphal story told to me by an RC priest too young to
> have seen it himself but related as gold standard truth, was that on
> the gates of an industrial plant in Manchester about the turn of the
> century, a notice advertising jobs ended - Catholics Need Not Apply.
> A wag penned "The same is on the gates of hell".
> Yours aye
> Ike Dawson
Many thanks for the reply Ike,

I'd not realised the Catholics had been so ill treated - although I have
one case of an Irish ancestor changing his surname (McAnally to his
wife's Athey [which, although still an Irish name sounds less so than
McAnally]) due to the influx of Irish 'Strike - breakers' into the
Durham coalfields during the 1800's


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