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From: John Rouse <>
Subject: Re: [YORKSGEN] Talk Talk
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2007 17:06:40 +0100
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In message <>, Ike Dawson
<> writes
>When BT at long last and under pressure, opened
>Broadband up from the previous town orientated 3
>km restriction [for which there was never a
>technical just the commercial reason to spike the
>opposition I have been told]

There are good technical reason why the limit was set at 3Km, which I
could go into but are rather off-topic for a genealogy newsgroup. THe
main thing to remember is that it is 3Km of wire, not 3Km as the crow


>Whilst on the point of charges for comms for us
>Internet genealogists, BT is now demanding we pay
>for our 'line box' [copper wires or local loop]
>by Direct Debit and penalising those of us who

Water companies, electricity companies, and gas suppliers all give a
discount for payment by direct debit. Why should BT not do the same?

John Rouse

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