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Subject: Re: [YORKSGEN] Yorkshire Puddings
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 14:31:22 -0800 (PST)
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I've always thought of genealogy as not only finding out where my family came from, but how it got here...how they survived...what they valued most in life. Traditions handed down from generation to generation have survived sometimes into the hundreds of years. The Yorkshire Pudding tradition is merely one speck of sand in the whole ocean of family values and history. It has been a welcome, eye-opening treat for me and my children. Now, when do we start on the Christmas pudding????

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How I wish the puddin' heads out there would stop boring the rest of us
with their gastronomic delights - so called. Genealogy it aint - merely


You may be right but as you are on the Yorkshire list I presume your family
were from Yorkshire. Was you family well off 100+ years ago, or did they
perhaps have to eke out the dinner by having Yorkshire Pudding first so that
the meat would go round.

Without these foods our ancestors may have starved and we would have had
nothing to research because we would not be here. There were large areas of
poverty in Yorkshire and this was just one way of dealing with it. Perhaps
you should read up the history of the people who worked in the Woollen Mills of
Yorkshire or likewise the mills of Lancashire. Out of their struggle came a
dish such as this.


[W.R.Yorkshire, England]



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