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From: "Nivard Ovington" <>
Subject: Re: [YORKSGEN] Yorkshire Puddings
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 22:52:00 -0000
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> Now, when do we start on the Christmas pudding????

Well now you mention it, as children we were always struck dumb when the
Christmas pud was brought in all aflame, a drop of brandy and a match and
what a wonderful sight, I suppose health and safety would have it banned
these days if they could

On the first occasion we had Christmas dinner with my in-laws, my MIL served
up the Christmas Pud and almost slapped her husbands hand as he nearly took
the wrong portion, that portion was for me you see,it contained two silver
threepenny bits, which she had secreted therein

I have them still and carry them in my wallet to this day

God bless her

Best wishes Nivard Ovington, in Cornwall (UK)

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