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From: "Marilyn Badoino" <>
Subject: [YORKSGEN] Yorkshire Puddings
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 22:20:14 +1030

Hi to all,
I am very disappointed in the comments of those who do not wish to read about the Yorkshire puddings & the recipe book being offered.
Firstly if you don't want to read about Yks puds, then hit the delete button & don't read the email. For myself, an Adelaide South Australian girl with ancestors in Yorkshire, I have learned a lot from all the emails. I had heard of Yorkshire puds many years ago, have never had one, & never knew the origins of them. Didn't know what they looked like & I also never knew how popular they are. I want my genealogical research to include the way of life of my ancestors, not just the names, dates, & places.

As for the cookbook, again, delete the email if you want don't to read it, & let the rest of us have the opportunity of knowing that we can purchase a book , put out by other members, about the county we are interested in, which gives us an insight to the culinary side of Yorkshire. I did not consider it a commercial venture, & as profit is not being gained how can it be considered so. For me it was a nothing more than another area of genealogy.

I have welcomed ALL of the emails & read every one, & the only ones I find annoying are the caustic comments. Let us enjoy the genealogical journey, which MUST include the culinary as well. How else are those of us who do not know Yorkshire, have never had the pleasure of being there, going to learn about what seems to me to be such a wonderful place. Many of our ancestors did not bring their way of life with them. They had to make do with whatever was available in a very new country. I am learning from the listers, ALL of you.
Thank you all so much & I look forward to learning more about EVERYTHING!
Marilyn Badoino
in a lovely warm Adelaide South Australia.

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