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Subject: [YORKSGEN] 1911 Census Now Available
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2009 18:07:34 -0800 (PST)
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Hi Everyone

Info from another List that the 1911 census was now available today led me to check it out. The East & North Riding is not yet available. Also, you cannot do a wildcard search on surname right now.

As everyone has been commenting about the cost, etc, we all have to agree it can be quite costly if we checked out all of our ancestors. So most of us will be be very careful about downloading the images.

As well, most of us know that it is only the family that we will see if we download and not others on the page.

However, I found a way to be able to find out who else with the same surname is in the same family without downloading.

I entered the surname SHEPHERDSON with no first name. There were several Albert SHEPHERDSONs listed, but the one in Bradford interested me. Could it be the family that we lost after they were in the 1901 census in Malton? So I did another search with ONLY the surname SHEPHERDSON and down further I entered "Bradford" as the Residential place and at the bottom there is a section "Other Members of the Household", so I entered Albert.

Up comes two other names Emma born 1868 and Ernest born 1901. Yippeee!! That is my family. Dorothy will be so excited as Emmas was her grandfather's sister and we "lost" her after the 1901 census.

So there is a way to get some basic info if you play around with it. The website is:


Only problem, I told myself that I would not download any images, but.......I most likely will.


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