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Can vouch that the Beer was good !
Didn't try the coffee... <vbg>

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It was not all work and archives. Some of us went on a trip to Theakston's
brewery in Masham. Sara's ancestors were coopers and she was able to see the
replica of the old  coopers' workshop. Some of us then sampled the beer but
one of us was driving - so I had to sample the coffee. From there we went to
Middleham and picked up Marion Moverley who gave us 2 fabulous guided
historical walks of Middleham followed by Richmond. This really is a lovelt
part of Yorkshire. Marion has been doing a one place study of Middleham so
was able to tell us all sorts of info. The following day we caught the
double decker bus in York and went via the scenic route as local buses do
across the North York moors to Whitby. Sue and I sat on the upstairs front
seat, some thing I've not done since I was a child. We met Janice and her
family and had lunch at the Magpie. From there we went to the James Cook
museum. This was the only day when it did not tip down with rain. Just
Ancestors in Yorkshire? http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/index.html;
www.ryedalefamilyhistory.org; www.wharfedalefhg.org.uk;
www.yorkshireparishregisters.com; www.yorkshireroots.org.uk;

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