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Subject: [YORKSGEN] Who Do You Think You Are? USA
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2010 07:12:00 EDT


Sometime back in March someone was interested in what "Listers" thought of
the USA - WDYTYA. Here is my opinion.

It is as expected just "Entertainment" & nowhere near the real world of
either Genealogy or Family History.
In the beginning it was, at best, an enjoyable piece of TV but as I found
myself yawning through the 5th installment I wondered if my time would be
better spent elsewhere & I concluded, yes, absolutely. For me there will not
be a 6th installment.

Result: Don't take it seriously its a fun bit of TV that's all, great if
you have nothing better to do for an hour.

A Yorkshireman in CA

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