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Lost Ancestor
according to his death certificate he was born 21 Sep 1902
Information given by family to registrar they believed to be true.
He said he was adopted but no indication of were he was born?.
Vague memories of him been born in Lancashire but not confirmed.


There are no proper adoption records until the 1920's. Was he named
Maurice by his birth mother or was he given the name by his adoptive parents,
Are you sure he was born as a Thexton. It is a very unusual name and
could the registrar have misheard it. Have you looked on
_www.FreeBMD.org.uk_ (http://www.FreeBMD.org.uk) for just 'Maurice' or just Thexton. The
name is found in Lancashire but it is not a very common name anywhere.

Could his birth mother have given a wrong name because the child was
illegitimate? You don't say whether his name is what he was born with or that
he was given after adoption.

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