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Hi Eileen

The Herbert Russell born 1877 Bradford whose military records I traced back
from is Royal Horse Artillery and is I suspect the one you have been
tracking. This man spent time in Ireland as two of his children, Vincent and
Joy, were born in Kildare, Ireland according to the military record.

The one in Ireland mentioned below is a second man.

Whilst it would be unusual for the son of a solicitor to be labourer it is
cannot be ruled out.


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Hi Eileen,

I had a look at the 1901 Census for Ireland, taken 31st March 1901/1st April
1901. You can find it at www.census.nationalarchives.ie

Herbert Russell is in the Royal Artillery Barracks in County Westmeath.
Looking at the original image I found:

No. 12741
Herbert Russell, Gunner
Religion: Church of England
Education: Read and Write
Age: 24 at last birthday
Occupation: Labourer
Where born: England

NOTE: He is stated as Single

If he was single in 1901 then he cannot be the Herbert Russell who married
in October 1898. I agree with you that it is extremely unlikely that the
son of a solicitor would be a labourer.

Also, if this Herbert Russell is not your Frederick Herbert Russell, then
there is no point in looking for a brother named Frank.

Dawn in Sweden

You wrote:

Name given as Herbert Russell in all documents in military file (1897-1919),
as Frederick on son Vincent's marriage cert 1926, and Frederick Herbert
Russell on own death cert 1929

Age. Attestation Papers dated 16 Feb 1897 give age as 19 years 2m, which
would make his date of birth circa Dec 1877. I can't see any reason for
him to fudge this. Marriage 19 Oct 1898 age stated as 21, he was possibly a
month or two short. 1911 Census (3 April) age given as 33 (correct if born
late 1877) . Died aged 52 in May 1929 (he would not be 52 until the end of
the year).

Father - Frank(?) Russell, (solicitor?), deceased on son's marriage cert
dated 19 Oct 1898. Cert almost illegible. I am very dubious about the
'Solicitor', Herbert's occupation at time of enlistment was 'Labourer'
which seems unlikely for a solicitor's son. Also would a solicitor's son
marry a shoemaker's daughter?

Brother - Frank Russell, 'address unknown' given as next of kin on military
file. This was crossed out and 'Wife Eleanor ' substituted.

Occupation - Labourer on Attestation Papers 1897; soldier 1897-1919;
commercial clerk 1926 (son's marriage cert); 1929 Salesman, Rubber Company
(own Death Cert)

Married - Eleanor Gertrude POOLE, who gives her age as 20 (but she was 24, a
little fib). Herbert gives his age as 21 (but he might actually be short a
couple of months).

Marriage Cert - This is extremely difficult to read, but some of the info
appears in Herbert's military records. Married at St Lawrence, York , 19
Oct 1898

Herbert Russell, 21, bachelor, soldier, Barracks Bulford, .... Russell
(deceased), solicitor [?]

Eleanor Gertrude Poole, 20, spinster, 4 Fishergate, Christopher Peckitt
Poole, shoemaker

Ancestors in Yorkshire? http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/index.html;
www.ryedalefamilyhistory.org; www.wharfedalefhg.org.uk;
www.yorkshireparishregisters.com; www.yorkshireroots.org.uk;

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