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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 20:20:51 EST


**I have made a few changes to how the list functions.

This means that you will get smaller digests more often. For those that are
subscribed in the L mode you will continue to receive the individual emails
as you always have done.

The lists now is set to accept 3 bounces only. This means if any mail sent
to you bounces back 3 times you will be automatically unsubscribed from the
list. You are reminded that if you go away on holidays etc UNSUBSCRIBE from
the list so that your mail box doesn't end up full and you lose important
information. You can always search the archives when you come back. When
you change your server you will need to unsub and resub with you new address.

The lists are set by default to answer directly back to the list. This is
for a number of reasons: Primarily to keep all subscribers informed of the
thread of the conversation and for them to actively participate if needs be,
therefore greatly maximising the information that the original poster may
receive. Another reason is that the information is then placed in the
archives of Rootsweb permitting anyone accessing the net and doing a search
to retrieve that information and getting in touch with those who
participated. So for those who don't reply back to the list I encourage you
to send a copy to whichever you are not replying to.

**There are other options to the function of the list being considered and
after discussions with the Co-admin to the list a decision will be made.
These options will be put into place over the coming weeks.

Due to an influx of spam mail that has made it through Rootsweb filters and
into my mailbox and closing it down - it MAY become necessary to moderate the
list. This means that a subscriber has to be manually put on an ACCEPT list
to be able to RECEIVE any messages posted to the list. People not on the
accept list can still post but not receive. (People on the REJECT list can
do neither).

One of the options to attempt to over come periodic spamming is to remove
subscribers from the list who are not active participators. A series of
activities may be introduced to wheedle those people out. Those who
participate may then be put on the ACCEPT list and all others on the REJECT

These options may begin sometime over the next coming weeks. This then gives
those people who are subscribed to the list for other reasons to unsubscribe.

As there has been a tendency to FLAME other subscribers off list the above
may eradicate the immature adults who feel that this is acceptable behaviour.
This kind of behaviour is unacceptable on or off the list. I will not
hesitate to put an address on the REJECT list should this happen and any
subsequent addresses that person subscribes under. Any subscriber receiving
FLAME mail from another subscriber is asked to forward this to me so that I
can deal with the issue.

Anyone posting VIRUS alerts direct to the list will be unsubscribed. No if,
but's or maybe's. If there is a problem with a virus EMAIL me DIRECT it is
my job to deal with it not a subscribers.

** Finally, and as a reminder ... please stay within the guidelines of
Rootsweb (you received these when you subscribed) and above all be nice to
subscribers, good manners and politeness are the easiest things we can find
... and it reaps great rewards.

Bright Blessings everyone and best wishes for a fruitful 2002.

Lady of the List

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