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Subject: [YOUNG] Georgia Youngs also SC
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2007 16:29:34 -0500
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This is great research, ladies. We've been trying to document the southern,
-GA- Isaac Young bunch that you mention in the previous post. The original
Isaac Young, I'll call SR., who came over on the Ann to GA, a malster, from
Glouster, England, with 'wife and 7 children' had the ones listed below, and
his son Nathaniel and Thomas, at least, 'quit GA and ran off the SC' before
1750, which muddies the waters as well. Any of them could have had sons
named Isaac.
The son of Isaac, Sr., had a son named Isaac Young, Jr., who married Martha
Bradley. Martha's father was William Bradley of London, d. before 1770, who
also held property in S.C., who was sent by the GA Trustees to teach the new
arrivals of GA agriculture.
Martha Bradley Young's sister, Jane Bradley, was married to a Barnard, who I
think also had property in SC.
Martha Bradley Young and Isaac Young, Jr., had a son named Isaac Young, who
died in 1799, and who had a son named Benedict Young.
These Youngs were on both sides of the Savannah River.
I would love to see Dr. Meek's work on the Isaac Young of York Co., PA. It
might help shed light on 15 years of trying to sort these Youngs. Thank you
for the information about it! Please supply comments on any or all that I
have posted. The more thoughts on these lines the better.
Carole Farr Drexel

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Subject: Re: [YOUNG] Young, from someplace up North to SC

You may find your Isaac was the son of Thomas Young Sr of York Co
Pennsylvania and wife Catherine Brandon. Extensive information on this
family is in the Salt Lake City archives. It was done by Dr. Melvin Meek
and the Mormons went to his home in Oklahoma and microfilmed all his
research. I talked with him a few years ago and he has since died. I
believe my husband descends from this line also.
I also believe that Capt. Thomas from PA was probably a brother to my
William Young but have no proof whatever. I sure would like to find a male
descendant of Capt. Thomas whose father was a male Young, whose father was a
male Young, etc. who would qualify and agree to do the DNA test at If we could get a match, we'd know that Capt. Thomas
was in the Young line from which I descend. My web site has all my info
I am pasting in below everything that I have on Isaac Sr and Isaac Jr. My
husband descends from Barry Young, whom you will see on here. I also
suspect that his name was not Barry but 'Berry' because Berry is a line on
his mother's side (if I remember correctly). I could give you my husband's
line back to Barry if you want to have it. Hope something here helps!

Sharon Young Jebavy <><

Captain Isaac Young of Spartanburg Co South Carolina was probably born by
1755 and was married and with perhaps seven children by 1790. His wife was
born about 1755; because of numerous land deeds, and the close proximity of
where Isaac and the Cantrell families lived, Isaac's wife may be _____
Cantrell. Isaac was named to serve on the Spartanburg Grand Jury in March
1788, (along with Britain Willeford of the James Creek area, James Alexander
and William Lipscomb of the Pacolet River area, and others). And in March of
1790 Isaac Young and Thomas Jordan were named as "commissioners to mark and
lay out" a road from the Pacolet River to Broad River. In January 1793 an
Elizabeth Saunders was found by the Co courts to be guilty of "bastardy,"
and was fined £5. Isaac Young and James Saunders agreed in court to pay her
fine and also agreed to indemnify the Co from the maintenance of the bastard
child. And again Isaac served on the Grand Jury, in January 1794, this time
with Richard Young of James Creek, and served again in July 1798.
There appears to be two generations of Isaac Youngs in Spartanburg
Co between the 1780s and the 1850s, and often both lived with each other.
The 1830 census and deed records indicate that Isaac Esquire and Isaac
Junior were the same; the subject of this biography is Isaac Senior.
Isaac and his family lived in Spartanburg Co, probably near the
north-center of the Co; on 12 November 1812 "Isaac Young Sen" (the second
generation?) of Spartanburg Co sold a 183 acre plantation on the "waters of
the Pacolet River on a branch of Buck Creek" to "Isaac Young Jun of the same
State and District." Isaac Senior made his "X" mark; witnesses were James
and John Cantrell. This land sale was perhaps done on the twenty first
birthday of Isaac Junior. In 1790 Isaac's near neighbors were the families
of Henry Young, John Young, William Wood, John Cantrell, William Garrett,
and others. In 1800 William Garrett and a Richard Cantrell were neighbors,
thus indicating that Isaac had not moved. Isaac bought 400 acres from John
Woodward on Buck Creek in 1787, 200 acres from Thomas Warren along the
Pacolet River in 1791 (and sold it the same year to John Bankson), and 350
acres on Buck Creek in 1795 from Elias Jordan. Isaac sold 410 acres on Buck
Creek to Isaac Cantrell in 1797, and 250 acres on Jacobs Branch to Moses
Cantrell in 1803. There are other land transactions, one in 1804 and another
in 1807 where Isaac bought 200 acres and 141 acres on Island Creek from
Joshua Prout and from J Morrow. Isaac was still in the same part of the Co
in 1810, but was not there in 1820. In 1830 an Isaac Young Esquire was
listed in the census but was shown to be born in the 1790s; apparently the
1830 Isaac was a son of our subject.
There are Georgia records of an Isaac Young Sr who arrived in that
state in 1736 with his wife Sarah, son Isaac Young and daughter-in-law
Elizabeth _____, and three other sons John Young, Nathaniel Young, and
Thomas Young; Thomas was age 15 then. Whether there is any connection with
Captain Isaac Young of Spartanburg Co is not known. Captain Isaac appears to
have had the following ten children
1.Barry Young, b c1774
2.boy Young, b 1774-1784
3.boy Young, b 1774-1784
4.boy Young, b 1785-1790
5.girl Young, b by 1790
6.girl Young, b by 1790
7.boy Young, b 1790
8.Isaac Young Jr, b in 1791
9.boy Young, b 1790-1800
10.boy Young, b 1790-1800 (72,L, 1aehijy)

Isaac Young Jr, son of Captain Isaac Young and _____ Cantrell of
Spartanburg Co South Carolina, was born in 1791 in Spartanburg Co. He
married Sarah _____. She was born in South Carolina about 1795. In 1812
Isaac bought a 183 acre plantation from his father, so probably after his
marriage continued living where he grew up. In 1830 he and his wife were
living in Spartanburg Co with about eight children, and an older woman,
perhaps the widowed mother of Sarah. In 1850 this couple was in living with
a seven year old child. The apparent children of Isaac and Sarah were
a.girl Young, b 18161820
b.boy Young, b 18161820
c.girl Young, b 18161820
d.girl Young, b 18211825
e.boy Young, b 18261830
f.boy Young, b 18261830
g.girl Young, b 18261830
h.girl Young, b 18261830 (72,L, 1aehijy)

Isaac Young, son of Barry Young of Spartanburg Co South Carolina,
was born 19 September 1801. (72,L, 1aehijy)

Isaac C Young [Y4h], son of Thomas Young, was born about 1818 in
Maury Co Tennessee, at or close to Columbia, but grew up at Bradshaw in
Giles Co. He married Sarah Nancy A Harwell by the summer of 1840 in Giles
Co. She was born 29 June 1824 in Tennessee. Her parents were probably
Harbard Harwell Jr and Elizabeth Paine; a hand written copy of the Harwell
family Bible says "Nancy married Mr Young" and there are many close Harwell
ties to Isaac and his family. Isaac, Sarah, and their children lived at
Bradshaw, as did many of the Harwell families. Sarah died 29 April 1850 in
Giles Co, probably at Bradshaw, and is buried in Center Point Cemetery at
Bradshaw. After her death, Isaac married Elizabeth Woods in Giles Co on 14
November 1852. They were not found in the 1860 census, and probate records
show that Isaac had died by November 20 of that year. His son-in-law Harbard
Mead Harwell (son of Stith Meade Harwell) was named as the guardian of
Isaac's youngest son. Nothing is known of Elizabeth Woods, but there is no
evidence that she had any children with Isaac. His burial place has not been
found. Apparently Isaac's children lived with relatives in and near Giles Co
until they were adults. These known children were
1.Laticia Kila Young, b 15 May 1841
2.Thomas C Young, b 7 Oct 1843
3.Madora Catherine Young, b 1846
4.Harbard C Young, b 1848 (75,L,58,GY,VB,10i, 15jknqpczw)

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Subject: [YOUNG] Young, from someplace up North to SC

After many years of family interviews and searching records, my family
remains a mystery.

All I have on the oldest member is that
-his name was Isaac Young (or Zac).
-the family came from someplace up North,
-he was born sometime before 1774 according to census information,
-he lived in Williamsburg Co. near the Marion Co., SC line,
-he was probably married in 1800,
-the identities of his wife and child in 1800 are unknown,
-he had another child, my ancestor - a son named Isaac Young b. c. 1814,

-he died between 1820 and 1839,
-he owned 50 acres, purchased in 1804,
-he last married Martha sometime between 1816 and 1839,
-Martha had at least 6 children from prior marriages, 3 of whom had the
Young surname and 3 had Downing,
-according to interviews, Martha's family was from Onslow Co., NC,
-Martha filed the deed for the 50 acres in 1839 about the time Martha
transferred the land to her living children.

Any help would be appreciated.

Isaac Young b. before 1774, d. between 1820-1839 SC?
Isaac Young b. c. 1815, d. between 1870-1880 SC?
James Young b. 1843 SC, d. c. 1874 SC?
Addleton Young b. 1869 SC, d. 1949 SC
Arthur Young b. 1895, d. 1986 SC

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