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Research on 19 Aug 1999 @ Clayton

Census Listings for YOUNGBLOOD in GA

1790 Reconstructed:
1st Name Source County
Abraham Name from deeds of 1790-94 Columbia
Isaac Minutes of Inferior Court, 1790 Richmond
Jacob Muster Rolls, 1793 Columbia
Joshua Muster Rolls, 1793 Columbia
Peter Headrights bounty grants 1790-1795, Land Court held 1786-87
witnesses and other names appearing Richmond

Index to US Census of GA for 1820, GA Hist. Soc. 2nd ed; Microfilm pg # taken
from Ronald Vern Jackson's GA 1820 Census Index
1st Name County Microfilm pg#
Abraham Burke 27
Abraham Columbia 35
B. Richmond 223 (single man between age 16-26)
Francis Columbia 33
Isaac Hancock 108
Isaac Washington 147
Jacob Hancock 93
James, Jr. Hancock 107
James, Sr. Hancock 107
John Columbia 49
John Jones ? not listed in Ronald Vern Jackson's
Nathan Hancock 107
Peter Gwinnett 263
Polly Columbia 25 listed as Sally in Ronald Vern Jackson's
Rebecca Hancock 107
Thomas Hancock 108
William L. Hancock 108

Index to the 1830 Census of GA, compiled by Alvarette K. Register
1st Name County Microfilm pg#
A. B. Walton 158
Abraham Burke 154
Abram Monroe 173
Arthur Hancock 172
Bennett Fayette 183
Gideon Gwinnett 339
H. D. Lee 31
Isaac Hancock 172
Isaacs Hancock 172
J. R. Washington 263
Jacob Talbot 337
James Hancock 172
Joel Baldwin 44
Joseph Upson 112
Nancy Columbia 348
Nath.(an?) Baldwin 36
Sarah Morgan 243
Thomas Hancock 172
the following are written as YONGBLOOD
Jacob Pike 128
William Pike 132

1840 Census
1st Name County Microfilm pg#
Abraham Burke 154
Abram Sumpter 180
Arthur Baldwin 63
Bennett Fayette 233
Francis Hancock 222
George Habersham 136
Greene Hancock 229
Hiram Sumpter 180
Isaac R. Washington 209
James Baldwin 62
Joel Jones 132
Joel Wilkes 280
Joseph Upson 52
Joseph Murray 266
Michael C. Sumpter 168
Nathan Dooly 101
P. Flody 255
Sarah Morgan 232
T. Monroe 189
T. Monroe 164
Thomas Baldwin 51
Thomas D. Sumpter 168
W. Floyd 255
Wiley Wilkes 281
William Forsyth 276

Early Miscellaneous Land Records of GA, Christine Aldridge
Complaints filed about: grants not signed, warrants elapsing through no fault
of the grantee and land already granted being granted again. Most of these
grants were alotted during the summer and fall of 1790 and were around
Brunswick, St. George Parish and along the coast. People were flocking to
the "Irish Reserve" (also known as Queensborough) near Louisville.
1st Name date land location further description
Peter Mar 1771 100 ac Uchee Creek adj Benjamin Youngblood
Benjamin Mar 1771 100 ac Uchee Creek mile from George Osbourn
Complaints about having to reapply for grants
John Sept 1771 200ac Little Kioka wife and seven children
(for some reason John mentioned wife and children as part of his

Georgia Intestate Records, J. H. Austin GEN 975.8A936GA

William Ray decd; William G. Ray adm 1839-1340 returns, Cherokee Co. land
sold... 1840-41 paid heirs H. YOUNGBLOOD...

John Bulfinch decd. Isaac R. YOUNGBLOOD issue L/A (letters of admin) 6 Mar
1837 Washington

Ovan H. YOUNGBLOOD (is this the H listed above?) decd, Mary Y issued L/A 7
July 1825

Cornelius McCoy decd, Benjamin Williams and William YOUNGBLOOD admin of
orphans 2 Sept 1833 Harris

Nathan YOUNGBLOOD purchase John Cone, Sr. estate sale 26 Sept 1842

Abstracts of Georgia Wills, Vol 1, J. H. Austin GEN 975.8A936

Daniel McNiel, Sr. b: 23 Oct 1804, d:18 June 1805 (p3841?) sons: Daniel,
Jesse, wife: Sarah; daus: Sarah Reeves, Ann Lastly, Mary Robeson, Amy
YOUNGBLOOD; grandchildren: Daniel, Anna and Caty YOUNGBLOOD

37,000 Early Georgia Marriages, J. Maddox & M. Carter
County 1st Name Wife Date
Baldwin Arthur Nelly Gordy 18 Jan 1830
Cornelius Jane Martin 26 Dec 1847
Green Mary Gordy 2 Dec 1830
Cass Edward Lucinda Mason 15 Mar 1855
Columbia Henry Alice Ray 18 Nov 1812
Jacob Lavinia Ashe 7 May 1758
John Ann Tarven 6 Sept 1794
William Catherine Jones 21 Dec 1819
Fayette Benjamin F. Frances Pharr 22 Sept 1850
John Martha Wesley 11 May 1848
Jasper Abemelech Nancy Boyet 25 Aut 1822
Jefferson Augustus Mary Evens 30 May 1850
Jones Arthur Mariah Freeman 26 Aug 1821
Joel Ruth Porter 18 May 1837
Monroe Thornton M. Elizabeth Shockley 28 Feb 1834
Muscogee Thos. Mary E. Pitts Lic. Dec. 17840
Upson Benjamin F. Martha Ann Trice 18 Dec 1845
Richmond Abraham Amey McNeill 1 Mar 1787
Basil Ann Fleming 26 Dec 1833
Benjamin Polly Dillard 20 Jan 1810
Benjamin Susannha Collins 20 Dec 1794
George Nancy Simpkins 24 Oct 1788
Isaac Elizabeth YOUNGBLOOD 2 July 1788
Joshua Catherine McNeill 30 May 1789

Richmond County, Georgia Marriages 975.8852
YOUNGBLOOD Name Spouse Date
Letitia A.G. Benjamin L. Greenwood 26 May1841
Mary Bouyer Balthazar 13 Apr
Pasty James Cone 6 Jan 1807
Sally Edward Henry Haggins 8 Jan 1807

30,638 Burials in Georgia, J. H. Austin
YOUNGBLOOD Name Dates Cemetery Name County
Benjamin Franklin 1 Nov 1829 - 24 July 1853 Trice Cem Upson
Joseph Cornelius 20 Nov 1850 - 30 July 1932 Joseph Y Baldwin
Mary E 1857 - 9 Oct 1900 Walnut Fork Bapt. Jackson
(wife of M. J. YOUNGBLOOD)
Mary Proctor 5 Aug 1859 - 17 Jan 1935

The Georgians: Genealogies of Pioneer Settlers, Jeanette Holland Austin
GEN 975.8A936
Page 415 has Benjamin YOUNGBLOOD from Granville Co., NC into Edgefield Co.,
SC then Richmond Co., GA where he was decd in 1784. Wife, Martha. The first
record we find of this family in Edgefield Co., SC is a deed dated 27 Jan
1774 of Peter Youngblood "of Granville Co." to John Frazier, 100 acres, s.s.
Beaverdam Cr. of Savannah River, signed Peter and Mary Y. Richmond Co., GA.
DB IF, P.37, 23 Apr 1784, Peter Y and John Y, heirs of Benjamin Y, decd, to
Joshua Grinage, 100 acres in St. Paul's Parish which was granted to said
Benjamin Y in 1775, with Martha relinquishing her dower, 23 Apr 1784, Peter
and John Y. Issue of Benjamin follows:
1. John m: Ann Tarvin 6 Sept 1794 Columbia Co., GA. 8 Aug 1801 Columbia Co.,
GA deed, John and w., Anna, to Abrahma 124 acres... adj to Benjamin Y and
Jacob Y on Little Kiokee Cr....
2. Peter Y, Sr., decd 1788, w., Susannah, Richmond Co., GA DB IG P.58 21 Oct
1788, Susannah Y wid of Peter, decd and Samuel Y, Joseph Y, William Wilson
and wife Rebecca, Cain Gentry and wife, Liddy, Lewis Y, and Sarah Y, Susannah
and Margaret Y of same place, 100 acres. Richmond DB IG, P. 103, 11 Dec
1775, Jacob Jones and wife, Elizabeth, of St. Paul's Parish, to Peter Y,
planter, 100 acres. Columbia Co. deed of gift, 27 Nov 1777, Peter Y, Sr. of
Richmond Co., to sons, Abraham and George, 200 acres Whiteoak Cr... Peter Y
now decd, 6 May 1794, /s/ John Y, Lewis Y, et al. George Y appears and
deposed that his bro., Abraham, is now decd, and was possessed by above tract
destroyed by fire. Issue follows:
1. Abraham. Columbia Co., GA ests 8 Mary 1799, George Y issued letters
of admin for estate of Abraham decd by 1794. Abraham m: Amey McNeill 1 Mar
1787 Richmond., GA
2. George Y m: Nancy Simpkins 24 Oct 1788 Richmond Co., GA dau of Arthur
Simpkins. George lived Edgefield Co., SC 1797, as evid. by deed, Columbia
Co. 16 Aor 1797, George Y of Edgefield Co., SC to Jesse Offutt... orig.
granted to James Neal and sold to Peter Y and by him, deed of gift to George
3. Peter Y, Jr. Greene Co., GA DB DBI P -344, 14 Feb 1789, Peter Y of
Edgefield Co., planter to Howel Harris 575 acres, Washington Co., now Greene
Co., granted 22 Feb 1785. Columbia Co., GA deed 1 Jan 1797, Peter Y of
Richmond Co., to James Culbreath, 300 acres, Trading Path, granted Peter Y 6
Aug 1763 on Fortune Branch.
4. Samuel Y lived Hancock Co., GA 1794
5. Joseph Y
6. Rebecca Y m: William Wilson
7. Liddy Y m: Cain Gentry, s/o elisha Gentry
8. Sarah Y m: Edward Hagin 8 Jan 1807 Richmond Co., GA
9. Susannah Y
10. Margaret "Patsy" Y m: James Cone 8 Jan 1807 Richmond Co., GA
11 Lewis Y, his LWT dated Edgefield Co., SC 11 Feb 1822, pvd 23 Feb 1822
wife, Mary, naming issue: Abner, eldest, Gideon, Thomas, Basil (m: Ann
Fleming 26 Dec 1833 Edgefield Co., SC), William, Sarah, Catherine.

Others in Columbia and Richmond Cos. were: Jacob m: Lavinta Ashe 9 May 1798
Columbia Co.; Benjamin, b: 20 Oct 1773 Richmond Co., GA, d: 15 Jan 1860
Marion Co., MS m: 20 Nov 1794 Richmond Co Susannah Collins b: 16 May 1775
Edgefield Co., SC d: 19 Nov 1866 Marion Co. MS d/o Moses and Hannah Willis
Collins; Joshua m: Catherine McNeill 30 May 1789 Richmond Co., GA, Catherine
mentioned in deed of Anderson Crawford to Zach. Sinquefield, Columbia Co.,
GA 19 May 1794 150 acres Saluda River, orig adj. Catherine YOUNGBLOOD

A branch of the above family removed to Hancock Co., GA by 1794 as evidenced
by deeds of James Y, Samuel Y and wife to Nathan Y and James Y to Arthur Y,
and there in 1808 when further deeds were made. In 1830, Arthur, Isaac,
James and Thomas are in said co., and in 1850 Francis b: 1770 NC; Thomas,
b:1799 GA; Nathan, b: 1770 NC; and Green, b:1800 GA, all in Hancock Co. The
Hancock Co. group appear to be descendants of Samuel Y, s/o of Peter, Sr.

Joyce Zachman, Sugar Land, TX

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