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Subject: Re: [YOUNGBLOOD] Youngbloods, GA & SC, 1800's
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 18:50:08 -0500
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Listers: I'm still looking for a Ruthy Youngblood who married Isaiah
Beck, Jr. around 1825 in either Hall or Gwinnett counties in Georgia.
They had two sons, Jeffrey Youngblood Beck and Samuel Barker Beck.
Ruthy probably died before her husband's remarriage in 1830 in Campbell
Co., Georgia.
Does anyone have any idea or suggestion about which Youngblood family
Ruthy might have belonged to? The Beck family traces back to Pendleton
District, SC, and possibly the Youngblood family of interest might have
been in Pendleton District, SC.
Also, her name might have been Dorothy with the nickname Ruthy.
I see some of you are working in the SC-GA area during the same time frame.

Don Beck

Dorothy Quaife wrote:

>Bartlett/Bartley Youngblood, according to DAR records, is said to be a son of Peter, "Jr." and Susannah ~ however, in order to make this fit, they gave Bartlett's birthdate as 1787, since Peter died in 1788. (And they've got the wrong Peter ~ this one did not serve in the Rev.)
>Actually, Bartlett was born more like 1799 and was a son of either Lewis or Joseph, sons of Peter, Jr. and Susannah. It's hard to tell which, tho ~ both were in Barnwell (Orangeburg Dist.), SC 1790, and seem to have some of their siblings (and mother?) living with them. Lewis moved to Abbeville Co. before 1800 and died there by 1808. His widow, Rachel (Martin), is there on the 1810 census with six little kids. It's possible that some of them were raised by Joseph, still in Barnwell. (That's where Bartlett first appears on the 1830 census, after he married Nancy Ann Riley, and they were still there in 1850 ~ then Emanuel Co., GA in 1860.
>Edgefield Co. Records, by Revill has this abstract:
>Lewis Youngblood - Abbeville Co. Probate; Box 104-2553. Bond: 5 Sept. 1808.
>Sale purchaser's: Rachel Youngblood - nearly all
> Peter Youngblood - 1 saddle
> Bird Martin
> Wm. Douglas and John Turner
> John Walter - stack of foder (sp)
>Adm. Bond: Rachel Youngblood 20 Mar. 1810
>S: John Merriweather and Jackson Tyner. Box 110-3260 (only paper in this file)
>[Note: Abstracts of Old 96 & Abbeville Wills & Bonds, by Lucas has Box 104; Pack 2552 - Est. admr. 5 Sept. 1808 by Larkin Reynolds, Wm. Wilson, Joseph Motes.... bond was $5,000. etc. Wm. Wilson was a bro-in-law to Lewis.]
>There is nothing to indicate who the children were, but you might check the Guardian Bonds for more information.
>Joseph was older and his kids were by his first (unknown) wife. His widow, Mary (Lipscomb), said they were married 29 June 1824 in her (RW) pension application. One "J.W." Youngblood attested to this, and there is an affidavit by Reason Youngblood and Joel Bond, (a son-in-law?). (I don't have Joseph's pension records.)
>If this hasn't confused you enough, let me know and I'll try, again! LOL
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> Subject: [YOUNGBLOOD] Youngbloods, GA & SC, 1800's
> Interested in Henry and Malinda Youngblood of Swainsboro in Emanuel County
> Georgia and Bartlett and Nancy Youngblood of Barnwell County South Carolina.
> Does anyone have Malinnda's or Nancy's surnames? Does anyone have estate
> documents for any of these four? Any assistance with primary or secondary
> documentation of these individuals and their lines and their extension
> greatly appreciated. Always happy to swap files.
> Walt
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