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Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 11:31:37 EDT

OOPS! Read my default message this morning and the names weren't there. Ya
just can't help me without the names.:)


Row 1 Down

James Keisel/Feb. 23, 1841

Rebecca I or T Humphrey

Barbara Wentz/ June 22 1841

Hannah S. Keisel/ February 22nd 1841

Elizabeth Coulston/ To her friend/ Susanna Zimmerman/ Remember Me 1841

John Zimmerman/ February 17th 1842 to S. Z.

Row 2 Down

Ann Choyen,Choyer, Choyce? 1842

Mary Wertz

Cecilia T. Zimmerman/ April 25/ 1841

John H. Thomas (very faint, could be read incorrectly)

Margaret Knyse, Kinyre?/ April 8, 1841

Margaret Zimmerman/ December 28, 1841

Row 3 Down

Amanda C. Keisel/ Feb. 22, 1841

Mary H. Knepe, Knyse?/ April 8 1841

Catherine Slingluff/ To her friend/ Susanna Zimmerman/ Whitfpain 1841

Sarah Conrad/ Jan 1842

Susanna/ Hath chosen/ That good part/ which shall never be/ taken away from
her/ your friend/ Susanna Supples

Sarah Ann Painte, Painke, Painter?

Rachel Tomlinson/ Whitpain Feb. ? 1841

Row 4 Down

Ann Conrad/ Whitpain Mont. Co./ 1st Mo 16th 1843

Mary Tomlinson/ June 28, 1842

John V.? Rossiter/ To her (sic) friend/ Susanna Zimmerman

Elizabeth R. Conrad/ Whitpain Jan 14th 1842

R. A. M. DeHaven/ 1842

Ann Thomas/ Feb. 14, 1842/ Friendship

Row 5 Down

Mary Ann Tomlinson/ Whitpain Twp/ Centre Square/ 1841

Catherine Supples/ To her Friend/ Suzannah (sic) Zimmerman

John T. Shafer/ March 9/ AD 1842

Susannah Garretson Wilmington 1842 M

Mary Supplee

Ellen Tomlinson/ Whitpain

Mary Slingluff/ Whitpain Twp./ Mont. Co.

Row 6 Down

John Coulston, Coudon, Cowden?/ June 5 1842

Sarah Conrad/ December 8, 1841

Charles Zimmerman/ Wilmington 1842/ Me.?

Margaretta Shinn Wilmington 1842 M

Amanda M. Ruff, Raff?

Elizabeth Zimmerman/ To her sister/ Susanna Zimmerman/ July 25th 1842

Row 7 Down

Mary Ann Supples/ To Her friend/ Susanna Zimmerman/ Norristown 1842

John Allen (name in a Holy Bible Stamp)

Nathan Zimmerman/ For his sister/ Susanna Zimmerman/ Sept 24, 1842

How Swiftly Flies our years/ How soon their night comes on/ A train of Hopes
And fears/ And Human life is gone/ Susanna Zimmerman/ May 31st 1842/
Whitpain Township Mont. Co.

Anne Zimmerman/ to her sister/ S. Zimmerman/ July 25th 1842

Mary E. Zimmerman/ our/ Ant (sic)/ Susannah (sic) Zimmerman/ January 30th/

Hannah Lehman

Row 8 Down

David Zimmerman

Kiturah Ruff, Raff, Reiff?

Elizabeth/ Ann/ Shinn/ Wilmington 1842

Debrough/ June/ Shinn/ Wilmington 1842

J. Cope

Elizabeth H. Thomas/ Feb. 14th 1842

Row 9 Down

Mary Coulston/ Remember Me

The only Amaranthion? Flower/ on earth is believing?/ The only lasting
______? Ruth/
Presented to/ S. Z. by Ms Z or T Burmingham (I have studied the
phrases used on
samplers, tombstones, sig. quilts etc. and this is one with which I am

Mary Jane Cowden/ To her Aunt Susanna/ June 2th (sic), 1842

Susannah Forrd/ Wilmington/ Delaware 1842

Hannah Evans

Thos. Thomlinson/ Centre Square/ March 14, 1842

William Zimmerman/ To His Sister/ Susanna Zimmerman/ Jan. 9/ 1842

Row 10 Down

Amelia P. Moore/ April 25th/ 1841

Mary Butler

Jacob Zimmerman/ Jan. 11th 1841/ Whitpain Twp.

Mary Ann Evans

Eliza M. Supplee

Sarah Cleermiams, Christinann, Crumrein????/ Sept 4 1841

Row 11 Down

Charlotte Coulston/ To Her Sister/ Susanna Zimmerman/ June 2th (sic) 1842

Julialina Shaw

Mary Zimmerman/ January 11, 1841/ Whitpain township/ Montgomery Co.

Isaac Zimmerman/ To His sister/ Susannah (sic) Zimmerman/ E. Goshen Jan
30th/ 1842

Whitpain/ November 13, 1841/ Lorretta 'X' (sic) Maria Miller/ to her

Jane Supplee/ For her friend/ Suzannah (sic) Zimmerman

Row 12 Down

Jesse or Joyce C. Coulston/ Dec. 28th 1842

Sarah Slingluff

David Shaw Zimmerman/ Sept 23rd 1842

Elmirah Zimmerman

Elijah Thomas

Mary Krupre, Kanre?/ Apr. 8, 1841

Row 13 Down

Elizabeth Supplee/ Norristown

Mrs. Hannah Tomlinson/ Whitpain/ 1841

Harriet Moore/ Remember Me

Mary Slingluff/ Philadelphia

Ann Cowden/ To her friend/ Susan. Zimmerman/ March 21 AD 1841

Sarah Supplee/ Norristown

Eliza H. Wertz

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