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From: "Orin R. Wells" <>
Subject: Re: [Zachariah Wells] DNA Project - November Collections
Date: Thu, 09 Nov 2000 09:53:44 -0800
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At 09:53 AM 11/9/00 -0500, wrote:

>I would be interested in the DC site as that is closest to me. <<

Before you plung into it, there are some details I need to work out with
the folks running the collections and the project so we get the Wells
descendants properly accounted for. They are looking for stuff from me I
am not sure I can deliver quickly enough to cover these November
collections. These are NOT collections focused on Wells, they are general.
I am trying to get them to accomodate the Wells special study. I will
keep you all advised.

>Is four generations all they want to go back?<<
No. That is just for the one sheet pedigree part they require for the main

>>I can print out from my FTM program a chart like they want<<

They are doing something here that I really do not understand. They will
not even accept from me
electronic format. They insist on "paper". They will get this from me in
attachments they can print at their leisure. I am not sure if a pedigree
from FTM will be acceptable. I will check on this.

>> to goes back to Ol' Zack, which in my case is more than four

They do not want more than four at the collections. We will cover the rest
with the data we will send them through the Wells project.

>In fact I asked him to try and go to St. Lukes to see what they do have on
records there going back to the Willaim Wells and Mary Hamer time.<<

If he does, the key question to ask is whether there are records predating
the building of the parish church about 1728. There is also an issue of
whether this William Wells REALLY belongs to the family. Although his
marriage in St. Lukes would imply a connection, John B. Wells III
questioned several years ago his connection and I have not seen anything to
confirm him as a member outside of the marriage.

It is possible there are records at the parish that have never been stored
in the Maryland Archives. It is also possible there are records at the
Maryland Archives on this parish we have not seen.

Orin R. Wells
Wells Family Research Association
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