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From: "Craig R. Scott, CG" <>
Subject: Re: [APG] Managing a Huge Pension File
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 15:19:51 -0400
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Here is what I do, see if it works for you.

1) make sure that all of pages of a single document are together. Staple
them, you can always carefully remove the staple if you have to do something
else with the document. Paper clips fall off.

2) divide the papers into as many people as there are pensions as there are
in the file. There may be a survivor, a widow, and/or a minor or two as
possible candidates. I have bulldog clips in varing sizes for these. In
other words there can be more than one pensioner in a pension file.

3) take a person file and divided it into the pension acts under which the
pensioner aplied. Could be rejected and accepted pensions in this pile. In
other words a person can have more than one pension file.

4) I then then create a calendar for the file for each pension act. But I
collect two dates. The date the document is created and the date the
document is recieved by whomever it is being sent to.

5) having completed this I then go take a nap because I am tired and my head

I don't do this for every pension, just the ones that are giving me trouble
trying to keep what is going on straight in my head. Always trying to keep
track of the lies and the more lies.

Don't forget that there are pension ledgers on microfilm, or in RG 217 or RG
15 depending on the period. And there are final payments in RG 217. Some
being more tricky (ie. post Civil War) than others. No pension research is
complete without this material.

My two cents.


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