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Dear Sylvia,

I have a lot of information on James Twist the convict. If intersted please
email me.

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Thank you very much for sending this information to me. I have been in
contact with someone at Lancaster Museum or something similar - I think it
was a link on your website ? - but he has given me quite a bit of useful
information on James Twist and has sent an e-mail to the person who was in
touch with him a couple of years ago about this James Twist and who had
quite a bit more information on him. He has given them my e-mail to contact
me direct so I am hopeful !

Many thanks

Sylvia Powers

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> Hi Sylvia,
> This list is specifically for those convicts who arrived in New South
> Wales and
> one of the reasons for this is that different records were kept for the
> various
> colonies.
> There was a James Twist who arrived on the "Dromedary" in 1820. This
> transport
> offloaded most of their convicts in Hobart Town and a few in Port Jackson.
> James
> disembarked in Hobart Town. He had been tried at the Lancaster Quarter
> Sessions
> on 20 March 1819 and received a 7 year sentence. You could apply to the
> Archives Office in Hobart for more information - other than what is
> available
> on his Conduct Record. You could also apply to the Lancaster County Record
> Office for further information.
> There is a Rootsweb Mailing List for the convicts who arrived in Tasmania
> at
> Regards
> Lesley Uebel
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> I have just joined this list and introduce myself. Is this the correct
> list
> to ask for information on convicts who were landed in Tasmania ? Hope
> you will
> forigve me if I have it wrong - am new to this !
> Living outside Australia I am unable to purchase the - what looks like -
> most
> excellent CD containing information on convicts. From one of the links
> on this
> website to Tasmania Archives Online I have found the possible ancestor I
> am
> researching. However it does not give me as much information as I
> require and
> am now wondering how I find out more ?
> The story goes - my father's ggrandfather changed his name from Twist to
> Aston
> on marriage as there was a convicted horse stealer in his family (there
> were a
> number of horse dealers in the family!) who was transported to Australia.
> I
> have found a James Twist transported 1819 and landed in Tasmania in 1820
> on the
> ship Dromedary. But I do not know if this is anything to do with our
> family.
> I need to find out date of birth, his crime and where he came from to try
> and
> establish any link.
> Many thanks
> Sylvia Powers
> Warwickshire
> England
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