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Subject: Your father
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:22:24 EDT

Dear Nola,
Thanks for the additional information. I have been able to place you in my
Bargelt database but I must confess that your grandfather, Clyde is one
person I don't know too much about and would definitely like to find out
more. You are the first of his descendants that I have heard from so far and
would like to fill in some blanks.

Here is what I have in brief. If you need more details, I can mail you family
group sheets. Could you please send me more info on your immediate family.
Are you married ? Any children ?

Your father is Randall Kenneth Bargelt born Nov 5, 1900 in Omaha Nebraska.
That is all I know about him except what you have told me. He had one
brother but I don't know his name.

Your grandfather was Clyde Carter Bargelt born Oct 25, 1875 in OH. He
Married Eva Isabella Randall who was born July 15, 1878 in Beatrice Nebraska.
They married on Dec 25, 1899.
One newspaper report says that Clyde was in charge of the Electrical
Construction Co, in Klamath Falls , OR in 1933. His cousin Hal James told me
that he moved away to Oregon at a young age and had very little contact with
his family after that.
I believe that he also lived in the Seattle area for awhile.

Your great grandfather was Henry Smith Bargelt born Apr 7, 1849 in
Middletown, Dauphin Co, PA. He died Apr 1, 1910 in Traverse City, Michigan.
This is where Clyde grew up. Henry was a methodist minister and traveled
quite a bit as he was assigned to a new congregation every 3 or 4 years. They
lived in Nebraska, the Chicago area, Iowa and Ohio. He was known to have a
very bad temper and is said to have died of a heart attack during a fit of
anger. It is said that all of his children hated him and turned against
religion as a result of their upbringing. He was also known as a good public
speaker and a pious man. He did well within the Methodist heirarchy and had
an extensive obituary printed in the Methodist publications.

Henry's wife was May L Carter born July 15, 1844 in OH and died June 1933 in
Traverse City, MI. They married Oct 8, 1874 in Dysart, IA.

There were 4 children of this marriage,

1, Clyde Carter (your grandfather)
2. Evelyn Bargelt b. Sept 9, 1877
Evelyn never married. She lived in New York City and was a portrait
painter and orator.
3. Grace Bargelt b. 1880 died 1888
4.. Hal D Bargelt b. Jun 26, 1886 in IA and died Sept 26, 1976.
Hal had just one child, Hal Jr who lives in Palm Springs.
Hal sr. is said to have a bad temper also and to have been
incapable of remaining faithful to one woman. He was married
several times.

Your Great grandparents: Edmond Swigert Bargelt Sept 11, 1824-Mar 1, 1892
born Hanover, York Co, PA died Norfold, Madison
married Catherine Sarah Ann Albright b. Sept 15, 1826 in Hanover,
york co, PA and died Apr 1, 1912 in Norfolk, Madison Co, NE
they married Sept 15, 1847 in Hanover, PA

Catherine was the daughter of Henry J Albright and Catherine Butt/Bott

Your GG Grandparents:
Jacob Bargelt b. Sept 28, 1780 Hanover, PA and died Sept 10, 1839.
married Nancy Anna Swigert b. Jul 29, 1798 in England
d. Feb 18, 1851 in Hanover, PA

Your GGG Grandparents:
Michael Bargelt /Baurgeldt b. in Germany d. abt 1790 in Hanover, York Co, PA
married: Catherine Elisabeth Neuman b. 1741 in Germany d. in
Hanover, PA

This is as far back as I can go.

I have spent some time in Hanover doing research. Here is what I learned.
Michael was a carpenter and tinsmith. His son Jacob took over the family
business which eventually expanded to include cast iron stoves. The company
is still in business but is now evolved into a heating and air conditioning
company and passed out of the bargelt hands about 1960, going to a son in
law. The house Michael Bargelt built on Carlisle street still stands. The
family lived upstairs over the shop. Michael also built most of the
furniture in the house. Edmond forsook the family business and took up the
calling to be a minister. He was involved in the founding of Cornell College,
a methodist college in Mt Vernon Iowa. He eventually moved to Nebraska to
follow his calling. His son Henry I already told you about.

The name Bargelt in German means "cash". Ther are other Bargelts in the
Klamath falls area, in Tacoma & Seattle Wash and in Idaho. Also some in
southern Calif.
My line comes from Coos County Oregon where they had a newspaper and printing
shop. They migrated to California about 1920's. My grandmother was Miss Coos
Bay for the 1915 Pan Am Exposition in San Francisco.

I hope this gives you some sense of who your father was. If you find out
anything more please let me know as I would love to keep in touch. Why don't
you subscribe to my Bargelt mailing list. Just send EMail to
and put only the word "subscribe" in the subject and
again in the body of the letter. You will then receive any correspondence
relating to the Bargelt surname.
I am going to post a copy of this note to the newsletter.

Becky Schultz
Oakland, CA

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