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From: Tom Cockerel <>
Subject: Re: Simon Cockrell
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 1997 17:24:23 -0400

Simon Cockrell Researchers Please Read


> Dear Tom, Thanks for your message. Basically, I need biographical
> facts - the
> date and place of his birth, the names of his parents, his education,
> his
> early work experience (farmer, carpenter, miller, etc.), when he moved
> from
> one place to the next, his religious affiliation (in Virginia and
> elsewhere),
> when he began a Baptist, who converted him, who baptized him and into
> which
> church, when he was ordained, the churches he served (in Virginia and
> elsewhere), his service in the American Revolution, the date and place
> of his
> death, the location of the cemetery in which he was buried ("according
> to
> family tradition, he was most likely/probably buried in ..." if you
> are not
> certain about the exact location; the best information available is
> acceptable as long as I make certain that I phrase the statement to
> show that
> it is not definite, but based on the most accurate research done to
> date; I
> can correct or add to the sketch in subsequent volumes if the sketch
> brings
> someone with the exact, correct information out of the woodwork), the
> date of
> his marriage(s), the name(s) of his wife/wives, their years of birth
> and
> death, statements summarizing his career and personality,
> sources
> of my information (i.e., your name, the city and state of your
> residence - so
> anyone who wants to do subsequent research can contact you and others
> who
> contribute information - and basic bibliographic information), and his
> will
> book citation. Most of my biographical sketches run 45-55 lines
> double-spaced
> on a regular electric typewriter. I will send you a copy of volume 1
> if you
> give me your address; it should reach you in about 3 or 4 days. Again,
> Tom,
> my thanks for your help and the help of your group. Sincerely, Bill.

Fellow Researchers,

Bill and I have been in communications on a couple of occassions. I
hope that your Simon researchers can put together a package that can
meet Bills' needs. He is putting together a set of books on Virginia
Baptist Ministers and requires information on our famous Simon
Cockrell. My previous conversations were based on the premise that he
provided with the most up-to-date information that we can provide. I
think the hardest part will be keeping it to the 45 to 55 double spaced
I'm nosey so keep me on copy.




Tom Cockerel -


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