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Subject: [COCKRELL-L] COCKRELL, Joseph 1784-1837 VA>KY>MO
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Hello Fellow Researchers,

Joseph Cockrell born June 8, 1784 in Montgomery County, Virginia and died
April 3, 1837 in Johnson County, Missouri. The son of Simon And Mary
Magdaline Vardeman Cockrell.

He is listed in the heirs of Simon as deceased with his heirs, Nancy and
Polly, Maryann and Sally, Jeremiah Vardimen and Francis Marion of Johnson

Joseph married three times.
1st to unknown in Virginia, 1 son.
2nd to Sally Hunt Kentucky, 1 son.
3rd to Nancy Ellis Kentucky, 5 daughters and 3 sons.
This is the one son of Simon Cockrell that had so many famous children.

Joseph Cockrell died intestate.

Recently I received a copy of from an abstract of title a typed out version of
the court records of the estate settlement for Joseph Cockrell. The piece of
land in question was assigned to Jeremiah Vardeman Cockrell and sold in 1853.
Then One of the descendants of Morgan Cockrell inherited it from an aged
employer. Recently this property was disposed of and a copy of the pages
that apply to Cockrell were sent to me.

This is not a done thing yet. Read on.

So now we are searching the area for the gravesite of our ansectors Simon and
Mary Magdaline Cockrell. The clue we are following being the residence of
William in 1843 in Jackson County. Simon died at the residence of William.
So we search the files of Jacskon County, Missouri property records. We had
found earlier records for Morgan and for Wesley Cockrell at VanBuren County.
We find Joseph Cockrell property and the settlement of that portion of his
estate. Once we mapped this out we are searching the parks and etc. for the
gravesite and it's possible removal.

Child of Joseph Cockrell and unknown:
Simon N. Cockrell b. 1808 Virginia died after 1899 in Texas?
His wife and children were killed. Simon Cockrell was nearly 60 when he
became a Confederate Soldier and served with Quantrill's Raiders. He was a
notable Texan.

Child of Joseph Cockrell and Sally Hunt:
Alexander Cockrell b. June 8, 1818 KY d. April 3, 1858 TX
Alexander married Sarah Horton, the daughter of Enoch Horton and Martha
Stinson, residents of Eagle Fork, Texas. I have a partial history of the
Horton family available for discussion.

Children of Alexander Cockrell and Sally Horton:
Morgan born Sep. 1848 d. Jan 1849 died as an infant in Texas
Aurelia Effie Cockrell b. May 25, 1850 d. 1872 married Mitchell Gray May 11,
Robert Benjamin Cockrell died May 21, 1886
Frank M. (N) Cockrell b. Aug 29, 1854 was an Alderman of Todd Mills. d. 1935
married Alice Noble 1890
Alexander Cockrell Jr., born Sept. 6, 1856 died February 24, 1919 Dallas,

This group of children are well noted in the history of Dallas, Texas.

Third wife of Joseph Cockrell, Nancy Ellis was the daughter of Benjamin Ellis
and Hannah Irvine.
Nancy was born Jan 1, 1803 died Nov 23, 1883, buried as Mrs. James D. Black.

Children of Joseph Cockrell and Nancy Ellis:
Nancy Cockrell b. Oct. 1820 d. Nov 11, 1848
Polly Cockrell b. Oct 15, 1822 d. Nov. 3, 1877
Mary Ann cockrell b. May 30, 1825 d. Feb. 28, 1906
Louisa Cockrell b. 1828 d. 1838
Sarah Cockrell b. Mar. 1830 d. Jan 24, 1908
Jeremiah Cockrell b. May 7, 1832 d. Mar 18, 1915
Francis Marion Cockrell b. Oct 1, 1834 d. 1838
Joseph Cockrell b. 1837 d. 1838

More on these people later discussion.

>From these sources;
F. G. Cockrell document of 1890
F. N. Cockrell document of 1915
Cockrell and Allied Families published 1950.
The Senator From Missouri; The Life and Times of Francis Marion Cockrell by
Francis Marion II
Kentucky Historical Register
W. R. Jillson Kentucky Land Grants
History of Johnson County.
Horton Family file, forwarded by the attorney
Early Cockrells in Missouri by Monroe F. Cockrell 1966
Johnson County Historical Society file on Joseph Cockrell
Federal Census Records.

Some of my first discoveries were of the family history of Joseph Cockrell and
since it continues to name Morgan Cockrell as his brother I continued to
This family has been involved in gathering and making record of the family
history for over 107 years. It may take awhile to gather a complete
collection. It has been by trading for other information and copies for study
from other areas that I have compiled this record.
I still exchange information in order to increase my understanding of my
family history.

Since most of the Civil war records and accounts I have been able to find are
about this family I can share copies of those for records of other Cockrell
descendants in the military.

Hope to hear from you soon

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