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From: Becky Bartley <>
Subject: [COLSON-L] new info to me
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 14:13:37 -0700

Hi All,

This was sent to me by a James River list member, some of which I haven't
seen before:

>From "Virginia Colonial Abstracts---Series 2, Vol. 6, Records of Prince
George County, Virginia, 1666-1719" by the Rev. Lindsay O. Duvall p.9:
Book 7, p30---"Wm. Vaughan, 1225 acres, 32 po., on the S. side of Appamatuck
Riv. Bounded: 100 acres thereof being part of 150 acres, formerly
purchased of Hugh Lee, lying on ye James side of Appamatuck Riv.. adj. the
land of Tho: Lowe; 100 acres, part thereof, formerly purchased of Robt.
Burges, lying on the S. side of Appamatuck Riv. & along the line of Hen:
Chanus---to the beginnina; 720 acres, part thereof, lying on the S. side of
Appamatuck riv. adj. Jno. Ewens & Wm. Johnson &
Robert Coleman; to the heads of Burgis, COLSON; Lear & part of tho: lows
land-----------etc. Note--swk: There is no date shown in this item. The
item above (p.29) is 20 April 1680; the one below (p45) is July 1680.

>From "Charles City County, Virginia, Court Orders, 1687-1695 With a Fragment
of a Court Order Book for the Year 1680" abstracted and compiled by
Benjamin B. Weisiger, III:p.22---At a Court Holden at Westover 4th June
1688: With consent of Richard Mane(?) (sic) and his wife, her two sons James
Mathews and Tho. Charles Mathews are bound to ISAAC COLESON, the oldes (sic)
until 19 & youngest until 20, to learn the trade of carpenter and at
expirationof their time, he is to give them each a cow and calf, etc. If
Mane dies before they complete their training he will give them each a set
of carpenter's tools.
On p.36---18 December 1688 at Westover: Mr. Robert Bolling to swear
appraisers of ISAAC COLESON, dec'd.
On p. 207---At a Court Holden at Westover, 3rd of June 1695: William
Downes agst JACOB COLSON is dismissed.
On p.214--At a Court Holden at Westover 3rd October 1695: John Ledbetter vs
JACOB COLSON dismissed.

From: " Bath Parish Register (Births, Deaths & Marriages) 1827-1897 og
Dinwiddie County, Virginia and St. Andrews Parish Vestry book 1732-1797 of
Brunswick county, Virginia" by. William Lindsay Hopkins p. 40: St Andrews
Parish, Vestry 6 Nov. 1734-- JOSEPH COLESON and John Butcher for having
a reader at roan oak. William Toms to read one sabath day at Joseph
Coleson's and one at John Butcher's. He is to read at Henry Morris' every
other Sabath.

Becky A Bartley

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