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Kay; One thing that always bothered me. IN the census there is a
Mathias McKee living close to the Elias McKee in Knox Co. KY. in 1810
and Mathew McKee lived on the other side of Knox Co. I believe the
Mathias/Mathew Mckee son of Elias and Mathew McKee lived on the other side
in the census are two different Mathew McKee's. Now, Mathias/Mathew McKee
son of Elias they say, is the one who moved to Casey Co.

Quote of Janice Worley >Evidence has surfaced that Mathew McKee that married
Susanna Rouse was >son of Elias.

If this is so then this Mathew or Mathias are not the same Mathew. A
Mathias McKee was son of Elias and lived close to him in the 1810 - census.
Mathew McKee lived way on the other side.

I don't know if that explains the two marriages one in 1800 TN and one 1819
Knox Co. KY
to Mary "PollY" Clark I do believe there are two Mathew/Mathias McKee's.

I have a favor to ask of someone. In the 1850 census I believe Polly or
Mary McKee
was living with her son. I need her age and where she was born.

My census copy is a photo copy and so bad in some places I cannot read it.

Carol Wyatt

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> Some information on Mathew McKee and those thought to be his children. As
> always, PLEASE USE THIS AS A GUIDELINE and not as absolute fact until you
> verify it youself.
> Much of this material was received from other researchers, and I thank
> them for their contribution as I would not have been able to plot my
> family line as seen below. (applause) I try to note what I know is
> documented, what was received from other researchers.
> --------------------------------------
> Mathew McKee, is believed, but not confirmed, to be the son of Elias D.
> Mackey of Tenn. Researchers found evidence of Mathew in several Tennessee
> counties between 1791 and 1800. He obtained a marriage bond there with
> Mary "Polly" Clarke in 1800, but no license was found. They appear to
> have moved to Knox Co., Ky. as they married (again????) in 1819.
> 1810 Census reported as: Knox County: Mathew McKee: 3 males 0-10; 1 m
> 10-16; 1 male 45 & over; 3 females 0-10; 1 female 45 & over which
> indicates he had children before his 1819 Knox Co. marriage to Mary
> Clarke. They apparently divorced, as Mathew later went to Casey County
> and married Susanna Rouse.
> Mathew was the father of Baptist and James McKee from second marriage, as
> mentioned in his final will. Also thought to be the father of William,
> Hawkins, Lodicea (or Dicey?), and Thomas. Some or all of the latter by
> Mary McKee. The evidence for the relationship lies in William's will,
> where several of the individuals are mentioned using family terms
> (brother, mother). William died October 1839, (will recorded in Whitley
> Co). Mary sold land to Pleasant and Lodicea McKee Meadors, and Hawkins
> was administrator in Pleasant’s estate.
> Mathew McKee – Will dated January 16, 1836.
> To Susanna – household estate and use of mountain (?) house until his
> child James McKee comes to age as well as cows and hogs to use in raising
> James.
> To Baptist and James – Farm on which Mathew then lived on, to be divided
> when James comes to age, by disinterested men, according to quantity and
> quality, and that Baptist and James work the farm together dividing the
> proceeds. All moveable estate in the above legacy to sold at public sale
> and proceeds equally divided between James and Baptist.
> To Susanna – one tract of land in Casey County to have and hold forever
> and dispose as she pleases.
> Thomas E Jones is executor, and empowered to convey a certain tract of
> land that was sold to Thomas Wesley.
> (Kimberli's note: the fact that Mathew left out his children from a
> previous relationship/ marriage doesn't surprise me. We have another
> example of this in our family).
> Lodicea/Dicey married Pleasant Winkler Meadors on April 20, 1826
> (Cornelius' Book of Early Marriages). They may have had several children.
> James McKee appears on the 1850 census along with a Helen McKee. I don't
> know who she is and have not seen the census myself (lazy, lazy,
> lazy....)
> A researcher reports Thomas moved to Tennessee and married Martha
> (Patsey) White. Cornelius’ book list the marriage date as October 27,
> 1836. The researcher reports they had several children, one of which was
> also Hawkins, who may have served in the Civil War. Thomas appears on the
> 1850 and 1860 Census in Hardin Co., Tenn as follows:
> 1850 Census –
> McKee, Thomas 33, (which places Thomas’ birth two years before Mathew and
> Mary’s Ky marriage)
> Wm. Garner 2
> Martha 33
> George 13
> Drusilla 11
> Mary 9
> Hawkins 7
> Eliza 5
> 1860 Census –
> McKee, Thomas 36 (I haven’t seen the census, so I can’t explain this)
> Hawkins, 17
> Margarett 10
> Marion C. 9
> Eliza A. 14
> Dunda B 5 (m)
> Baptist (also Babtest) married Betsy Criscillis, daughter of Isaac
> Criscillis. Two dates given in Cornelius’ book: 9-8-1825 and 10-4-1828
> (date bond given to LNF).
> Hawkins McKee, report to have been born on February 17, 1822. (This date
> may be on his headstone). Married Mary C. Prewitt, 1860 Whitley census
> shows the following:
> Hawkins McKee 38
> Mary 32
> Simantha (Samantha?) 14
> Gabriel 13
> Catherine 12
> William 11
> Marion 11 (also Frances Marion)
> Susanah 7
> July A. 4 (possibly Julian or Julia, born July 20, 1855 to Hawkins and
> Mary. according to Cornelius. d. May 7, 1866)
> Sarah. 1
> 1870 census – Lower region, Prct #7 #129:
> Hawkins MacKey, 50, M, Ky, Farmer
> Marey (Prewitt), 47, F. Ky
> Catherine, 22, F. Ky
> William, 20, M
> Susan, 15, F
> Sarah, 12, F
> Mary, 7, F (Married John Halloway?)
> #132
> Gabriel McKee, 24, M. Ky. Farmer
> Poley, 27, F. Ky (Permelia Morgan)
> Mary died November 14, 1880. Hawkins and Mary are buried on a tract of
> their land referred to as McKee cemetery.
> Hawkins' son Marion married Rhoda Owens. They married March 14, 1878 in
> Pulaski Co. They moved to Whitley Co and had 4 children. Marion died July
> 14, 1912. He and Rhoda, who died October 29, 1927 are buried in Highland
> Cemetery in Whitley County.
> Sarah McKee married VanBurren Owens on March 22, 1883 in Pulaski County
> and had two children, Oscar and Mary Elizabeth. VanBurren killed his
> brother in 1888 and was sentenced to a term in the "Lunatic Asylum" in
> Lexington after being found to be of an insane mind. Sarah moved back to
> Whitley Co and died May 4, 1947. She may have remarried (see note below.
> I have a lot of questions on this and have to confirm the information)
> but is listed as Sarah Owen on her headstone. She’s buried in Highland
> Cemetery in Whitley Co.
> Gabriel, 22, married Permelia "Polly" Morgan, 23, on May 14, 1868
> according to Cornelius. 1900 Census show the following children:
> Sarah J.
> William H.
> Matison
> Martha E.
> Zora White, niece
> (I have a deed from March of 1908 that shows a Sarah mentioned as wife to
> "Melt" White. Since Zora is mentioned as a niece of Gabriel's, I'm
> assuming it was Gabriel's sister Sarah and that she married again after
> VanBurren died.)
> Gabriel died June 17, 1905 and is reportedly buried in McKee Cemetery
> along with his parents.
> More later.
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