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From: "Richard & Deborah Owens" <>
Subject: [DVHH] Important DVHH Project Announcement
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 12:12:19 -0500
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Dear President Jody,

Why does the DVHH have to be a non-profit corporation? How much money are
you out-of-pocket to run this web site? Are you in need of financial
assistance, hence the non-profit status? What are the long term goals for
this corporation and where may I read its by-laws?

It is not out of criticism that I ask these questions, but rather because
there was no information explaining this move in your March 13 e-mail.

Deborah Owens

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Subject: [DVHH] Important DVHH Project Announcement

> Dear DVHH List Members, Volunteers and Supporters,
> It is my great pleasure to announce that the Donauschwaben Villages
> Helping Hands (DVHH) is now a Non-Profit Corporation!
> The Board of Directors is as follows:
> Jody McKim (President)
> John "Greenie" Busch (Vice President)
> Beth Tolfree (Secretary)
> Nancy Fredenberg (Treasurer)
> Michael Polsinelli - Director
> Gabriele "Gabi" Bugaisky - Director
> Nick Tullius - Director
> John Kornfeind - Director
> Tina Leto - Director
> This is exciting news for the DVHH. Our new status as a Non-Profit
> Organization will help ensure the continued success of the project in its
> mission to keep the Donauschwaben legacy alive. It will pave our way to
> the future and help the Project to grow and continue to serve the
> Donauschwaben Community by providing family historians with research
> information on their ancestors. This renewed commitment will further
> support our DVHH Volunteers and Contributors, and encourage yet more
> individuals to offer their "Helping Hands." I look forward to working
> with all the board members and thank them for serving in these positions.
> I'm very appreciative to Mike Polsinelli and Nancy Fredenberg, who were
> very instrumental in commencing our non-profit organization.
> Now, I want to say "thank-you" to all the former Admin Team members,
> for all the time and labors of love you have given to us here at the DVHH,
> advising the project for nearly four years. The members I've had the
> pleasure of serving with are Mike O'Brien, Alex Leeb, Diana Lambing, Susan
> Williams, Rose Mary Keller Hughes, Nick Tullius, Nancy Fredenberg, Henry
> Fischer and Mike Polsinelli.
> This group will be forever remembered for their amazing service and
> time invested; without their input and direction, the DVHH would be not
> heading in the direction it is today. A lot of good things emerged from
> this team and they deserve an applause! And this does not mark the end
> of their involvement with the project, as they will maintain the positions
> they have always had serving the DVHH.
> A special thank you to Alex Leeb, who will continue as the DVHH Mail
> List Administrator. He has done a great job managing our mail list; and
> in addition to his other volunteer positions, he still makes time to
> always help others with their research!
> I would also like to thank all of our Volunteers and List Members for
> their continued support and inspiration for future DVHH endeavors. Watch
> for more information on new projects and developments, and please see the
> updated Volunteers, Coordinators & Contributors Registry:
> Thank you,
> Jody McKim,
> President
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> "Reply-All" to the DVHH list and give a thank you to the one who provided
> information for you. The acknowledgement is appreciated and offers hope
> to others who are searching for clues to the lives of their ancestors.
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