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Subject: [DVHH] Epiphany -Three Kings.
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2008 22:36:20 -0700

Epiphany - Three Kings:

The custom of the singer, reminiscent of the travel of the Three Kings is still very much alive in Bavaria and Austria. Beginning with New Years and through January 6, children dressed as the kings, and holding up a large star, go from door to door, caroling and singing a Three Kings' song. For this they receive money or sweets. Formerly the collected donations went to unemployed craftsmen and veterans.
Wishing you all, a Happy Epiphany - Heilige Dreikönige.

Alex Leeb. (Admin.)

Here's a verse about "Der Drei Könige.
>From the village of Kleinjetscha - submitted by Hans Klingler.

Wir kommmen daher in Regen und Wind,
wir suchen das neugeborene Kind.
Wir suchen es im Häuselein,
und fanden es im Krippelein.
Josephi, Josephi zieh's Hemdlein aus,
wir machen dem Kind ein paar Windlein draus!
Wir machen sie hübsch. wir machen sie fein.
Und Jesus soll sein Name sein.
We're coming here in rain and wind,
We look for the newborn child.
We look for him in the stable,
And found it in the crib.
Josephi, Josephi, take off your shirt,
We make a diaper for the child!
We make it beautiful,
And his name shall be Jesus.

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