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From: Kurt McCrary <>
Subject: Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2008 15:04:32 -0800 (PST)
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Yes we sometimes have to initially take our best guess in some cases and then we back it up with fact or dissmiss it.

On another subject, Seems I remember our family talking about arranged marriages when I was young. I wonder if anyone has run across proof that such of a thing happened in Donauschwaben area's or Germany?

Susan Williams <> wrote: Kurt --that is true about the analogy. You may not have much use for looking for godparents and witnesses being the same, but it might come in handy. I found it for one of my early records. And in helping a friend, I did run into a problem of two people with the same name being born within months of each other. Deciding which was the correct "John Schlee" was difficult -- sometimes you just make the best guess you can. Susan
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Subject: Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records

I have seen similar situations, without analyzing the information/data, in my case it seems they named the first born after the god parent/s, interesting enough it seems in many cases they picked the god parents that also had there own given name. One day I will have to have another look at this, as it is very interesting. In many situations they kept the same god parents through each birth, often in my experience they were siblings sometimes but more often cousins.......... It seems to be a bucket of worms as it has limited value as the cases changed and are not consistent.
Susan has provided probably the best analagy of that informations usefulness.
If there were multiples it would seem the best pick would be the one that had the same God parents and or Witness's. Further than that I don't think it will serve much of a purpose other than a interesting statistic.

Susan Williams <> wrote: Yvonne -- sometimes marriage witnesses werre the couple's godparents-
godfather,to be specific. Marriage witnesses were always men.

Godparents were in many instances (if not all) married couples;
Occasionally, I have seen just one person listed, in my case it has been a

I have early records where I was able to trace marriages of one person
because the same people were used as godparents for the children of both

The information about godparents being marriage witnesses can help when you
reach the early records where parents names are not included (marriage
records). Witness are included so if you are researching someone with a
more common name, you might be more likely to pick the correct one if you
recognize the godfather's name as a marriage witness.

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Subject: Re: [DVHH] deciphering church records

> Tz = Trauzeugen = witnesses of a marriage. Frequently that's a
> relative. Yvonne in St. Louis
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> Karen;
> I also have seen oo or Ioo, what is their meaning. Also Tz.
> Now I have a family name listed as, Go41 GAYER Johann: Sv G. Peter
> und
> Kaiser Magdalena * 02.09.1821 Kernei G464 +12.06.1878
> oo 22.11.1840 Tz Mann Peter und Kemmer Jakob
> PREISSICH Katharina: Tv P. Nikolaus und Spreitzer Anna *29.03.1821
> +
> From all this I got,
> 1. G041 = ??
> 2. Gayer, Johann: Sv G. Peter und Kaiser Magdalena = my
> GGGrandfather
> was the son of Peter and Magdalena Kaiser
> 3. *02.09.1821 Kernei, G464 +12.06.1878 = born Sept. 02, 1821
> in
> Kernei, G464=??? and died in/on June 02,1878
> 4. oo 22.11.1840 = I then assumed meant married on Nov. 22, 1840
> 5. Then next part has me at a loss
> 6. The later part I assume was my GGGrandmother, since Sv was
> assumed to
> be son, Tv must be Daughter of P=Preissich, Nikolaus and Anna Spreitzer
> I also would like to know how one uses the LDS-FHL web sight. I put
> in
> the last name and I get the list, find who I want, but get no further.
> It is
> so irritating. Arrrrrhhhh
> Help
> Michael
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