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From: Lori Straus <>
Subject: [DVHH] Gara, Hungary
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 22:34:41 -0500

My grandfather, being retired and having lots of time on his hands,
is traveling to Australia for a month and leaving in about three
weeks. During that time, he's lent me his copy of the Ortsippenbuch
for Gara. If anyone needs me to look up a name or two, please let me
know. The more details, the better. Asking me to look up a Johann
Heffner will not yield a favourable response from me :)

Lori (Wolf-Heffner) Straus
Researching the towns Ridica, Stanisic, Gara, Semlak, Schöndorf
Researching the names: Wolf, Bortscher, Heffner, Wagner, Roth,
Zimmermann, Klepp

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