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From: "Nancy Fredenberg" <>
Subject: Re: [DVHH] Soundex Codes
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 14:33:28 -0500
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Last January, Rose Mary Posted this link to Family Tree magazine with a
soundex code calculator. I found it so helpful I thought I would repost it
for our new researchers. Most of us have heard of Soundex, but may not have
learned anything about why the code was developed.

To me, the explanation is still somewhat confusing, but if you input some of
your surnames into the calculator, then check them against the key, you will
begin to understand why/how some of these alternate spellings came into use.

Thanks Rose Mary (can you tell I'm clearing out my 2007 emails? :-)


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Subject: [DVHH] Soundex Codes

> Another helpful item at the Family Tree Magazine (no, I'm really not a
> representative of the magazine or the site :)) is understanding the
> soundex coding. You can type in your family name and click on the button
> and the soundex code will come up for the name. Very helpful.
> Rose Mary

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