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From: Alan Gresley <>
Subject: [WISBECH] Baptisms in 1814 and 1815 for Elm, Cambridgeshire, England
Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 10:33:58 +1100

Hello all,

These Transcripts are the copyright of Glen Lamb.

If Glen Lamb is contactable can he or some else send this message to him
so I can get in contact with him.

They were copied from his Genealogy site sometime before his domain
disappeared. They will appear hopefully along with other transcripts on
one of my websites.

Kind regards, Alan

Baptisms in 1814 for Elm, Cambridgeshire, England:

Date Child Parents

3-Jan,1814 Thomas Edward MARSHALL
Child of: Joseph & Jane MARSHALL

28-Jan,1814 John MANN
Child of: William & Susannah MANN

30-Jan,1814 Elizabeth LANGHAM
Child of: James & Elizabeth LANGHAM

15-Feb,1814 Susan WILSON
Ill, child of: Anne WILSON

28-Feb,1814 Mary Anne GREEN
Child of: John & Elizabeth GREEN

21-Mar,1814 Susannah ABELING
Child of: Ralph & Mary ABELING

7-Apr,1814 Thomas BRADFIELD
Child of: Edward Wilson & Anne BRADFIELD

17-Apr,1814 Philip HART
Child of: Edward & Anne HART

1-May,1814 William WHALEY
Child of: John & Mary WHALEY

5-May,1814 John PROCTOR
Child of: John & Hannah PROCTOR

13-May,1814 William MATTHEWS
Child of: James & Anne MATTHEWS

21-May,1814 Sarah BROWN
Child of: Thomas & Susannah BROWN

5-Jun,1814 Mary WHEATHERS
Child of: George & Rebecca WHEATHERS

12-Jun,1814 Bryan William MORRIS
Child of: George & Sarah MORRIS

12-Jun,1814 Thomas OLIVER
Child of: Matthew & Sarah OLIVER

19-Jun,1814 Thomas CHARITY
Child of: George & Sarah CHARITY

2-Aug,1814 James WATSON
Child of: John & Elizabeth WATSON

11-Aug,1814 Susannah JOHNSON
Child of: John & Elizabeth JOHNSON

12-Aug,1814 Marianne EVE
Child of: William & Elizabeth EVE

21-Aug,1814 Jane VINCENT
Child of: George & Amy VINCENT

21-Aug,1814 Jane CAWTHORN
Child of: John & Martha CAWTHORN

31-Aug,1814 John CLARKE
Child of: John & Amy CLARKE

6-Oct,1814 George BELLAIRS
Child of: Benjamin & Mary BELLAIRS

9-Oct,1814 Mary BRADLEY
Child of: Richard & Mary BRADLEY

9-Oct,1814 Mark SHAW
Child of: William & Sarah SHAW

16-Oct,1814 George WALKER
Child of: Thomas & Rebecca WALKER

25-Oct,1814 Juliet CATLING
Child of: John & Elizabeth CATLING

6-Nov,1814 John LOWES
Child of: John & Mary LOWES

18-Dec,1814 Elizabeth TRIGADINE
Child of: Jacob & Alice TRIGADINE

1-Jan,1815 John HARROD
Child of: Thomas & Jane HARROD

6-Jan,1815 John KEY
Child of: John & Mary KEY

15-Jan,1815 Sarah BAILEY
Child of: Abraham & Elizabeth BAILEY

17-Jan,1815 Joseph HUDSON
Child of: Richard & Ellen HUDSON

2-Feb,1815 John BAKER
Child of: John & Hephsibah BAKER

5-Feb,1815 James 37377 (perhaps MAY? got to love Microsoft)
Child of: Thomas & Ann 37377 (bill gates at his best, making us

15-Feb,1815 Mary&Susannah BLACKBORN Twins
Child of: John & Fidelia BLACKBORN

19-Feb,1815 William SCOTT
Child of: John & Elizabeth SCOTT

26-Feb,1815 Susannah JOHNSON
Child of: John & Mary Anne JOHNSON

26-Feb,1815 Elizabeth LYNN
Child of: John & Sarah LYNN

26-Feb,1815 Anne WHETHERS
Child of: George & Rebecca WHETHERS

26-Feb,1815 Elizabeth REED
Child of: James & Mary REED

12-Mar,1815 John HALL
Child of: John & Mary HALL

22-Mar,1815 John GILLINS
Child of: Samuel & Ellen GILLINS

6-Apr,1815 Susan Emma WAUDBY
Child of: William & Elizabeth WAUDBY

9-Apr,1815 Sarah SEARL
Child of: John & Anne SEARL

4-May,1815 Eliza Hannah DOW
Child of: William & Hannah DOW

13-May,1815 Margaret WILKINSON
Child of: John & Susannah WILKINSON

13-May,1815 William WILKINSON
Child of: John & Susannah WILKINSON

28-May,1815 Susan PLOWRIGHT
Child of: Henry & Elizabeth PLOWRIGHT

6-Jun,1815 Rhoda BARNET
Child of: Richard & Elizabeth BARNET

8-Jun,1815 Joseph SMITH
Child of: William & Anne SMITH

11-Jun,1815 Anne EDWARDS
Child of: Anges & Sarah EDWARDS

18-Jun,1815 George ALDERMAN
Child of: George & Sarah ALDERMAN

4-Aug,1815 Alice Elizabeth DOW
Child of: John & Martha DOW

8-Aug,1815 George BRADLEY
Child of: Richard & Mary BRADLEY

27-Aug,1815 Hannah ABBOTT
Child of: Edward & Hannah ABBOTT

10-Sep,1815 Anne LISTER
Child of: James & Anne LISTER

25-Sep,1815 William TOTING
Child of: John & Alice TOTING

1-Oct,1815 Elizabeth JOHNSON
Child of: John & Elizabeth JOHNSON

4-Oct,1815 Martha Emily MARSHALL
Child of: Joseph & Jane MARSHALL

10-Oct,1815 John KEMP
Child of: Robert & Anne KEMP

5-Nov,1815 Henry SEARL
Child of: John & Anne SEARL

22-Nov,1815 Elizabeth TAYLOR

Child of: Joseph & Lelitia TAYLOR

11-Dec,1815 Thomas MARSHALL

Child of: John & Anne MARSHALL

13-Dec,1815 Gregory HOWELL

Child of: John & Sarah HOWELL

29-Dec,1815 John SKELTON

Child of: John & Anne SKELTON

12-Jan,1816 James LISTER
Child of: James & Anne LISTER

12-Jan,1816 Robert Chapman MARSHALL
Child of: John & Anne MARSHALL

12-Jan,1816 Joseph MARSHALL
Child of: John & Anne MARSHALL

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