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Subject: Re: [FTM-TECH] Would like list of FTM Versions
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 19:44:40 +1000
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You have had a few answers, follows are an extract of some notes that I did in March 2007 and updated slightly

During the 12 years or so I have used Family Tree Maker, it has moved through a number of owners.
Banner Blue Software founded by Kenneth Hess,
BØderbund Software,
The Learning Company,
Mattel (of Barbie Doll fame),
My Family.com (Ancestry.com)and in
December 2006, The Generations Network.
2007 Ancestry.com (The Generations Network name dropped)

Here is the timeline as best I can construct it.

Family Tree Maker is a genealogical database written by Kenneth Hess and first appeared as a DOS based program in 1989. You can find a resume of the founder of Banner Blue software, Kenneth Hess at: http://www.klhess.com/bootstrap/aboutken.htm

1984 Banner Blue Software founded
1989 Family Tree Maker for DOS released On a 5¼ inch diskette
1990 Version 1.01 for DOS no GEDCOM
Jan 1994 First Windows version launched by Banner Blue Software v2 on two 3½ inch floppy disks. This was my first purchase of Family Tree Maker (see above)
Oct 1994 a second version published by Banner Blue Software
May 1995 Banner Blue Software acquired by BrØderbund Software
Oct 1995 v3 Published (three floppy disks)
Oct 1995 V3 for the Mac released
September 1996 Family Tree Maker v4/4.4 available in both Win 3.x and Win 95 formats. First release on a CD.
May 1997 BrØderbund Software acquired Parsons Technology from Intuit (which included the marketing rights to Family Origins for Windows
August 1998 BrØderbund Software acquired by The Learning Company (which included Family Tree Creator through an acquisition of Mindscape/IMSI. v5 Published
Late 1998 The Learning Company acquired Palladium Interactive (which included Ultimate Family Tree).
May 1999 The Learning Company was acquired by Mattel Incorporated "Barbie").v6 Published
October 1999 v7 Published
November 1999 A&E Television Networks, Hearst Interactive Media, Mattel, and private equity firms form Genealogy.com, LLC
April 2000 v7.5 Published.
October 2000 v8 Published
February 2001 A&E TV acquired Genealogy.com
October 2001 v9 Published
Late 2001 Genealogy.com acquired the GenForum message board site, which it had been hosting for a few years
June 2002 Genealogy.com acquired Generations PC product line from Sierra Home
September 2002 v10 Published
April 2003 Genealogy.com acquired by MyFamily.com
September 2003 v11 Published
August 2004 v2005 Published
September 2005 v2006 Published
September 2006 V16 Published. (Essentially version 2006 code with some bug fixes)
December 2006 My Family.com Inc changes its name to The Generations Network

2007 "In 2007, we are looking forward to the upcoming re-launch of MyFamily.com, an exciting new release of Family Tree Maker, and our plans to make Ancestry.com even more mainstream and indispensable to families around the world. And we're thrilled to be moving forward as The Generations Network." (Media release 19 December 2006)


The chronology is also interesting from the number of genealogy programs that have been ‘swallowed up” or discontinued. I count at least five.

These are the various enhancements that I have seen since v 4. The ones marked in bold are the ones that I feel were the most significant or most useful to me. How many features do you use?

New in Family Tree Maker 16—USA release
Essentially a bug fix release
The Source Index search was converted to ‘type ahead’ like the Index,
Individuals to Include was added to the Source Usage Report 
Edit Master Sources dialog was tidied up.

New in Version 2006
Web Search Enhancements
Web Merge Improvements
Improved Source Management
More room to store source citations and text, Streamlined Data Entry –
Notes can now hold up to 1 MB of text. (about 250 pages)
Direct Internet Backup
And a Bonus- single CD only
Progeny’s Family Tree Maker Charting Companion on the single CD, the first Family Tree Maker “add-in”. (Technically it is not an add-in but it does work with the Family Tree Maker datafile, not a GEDCOM file).

New in Version 2005
Updated Look and Feel: Family View and Toolbar (Big change)
New Web Merge Process- Ancestry.com
Web Search Report-Ancestry.com
Pedigree View (this is nice)
Bookmarks and History
Automatic Update Notification
Changed Default Date Display (DMY)
Easier GEDCOM import

New in Version 11.0
PDF export added to Books
Getting Started Tutorial
Direct backup to a CD
Add Individual and Marriage Notes to Books
Copy and Paste Individuals between Files
View Two Files at Once!
Export to Spreadsheet and Database Programs
Easier-to-Use File Merge
Simplified Preferences Interface

New in Version 10.0
Export Files as PDF (excluded books!)
Upload PDF files to the Home Page
Family Tree Templates
Standard Pedigree Trees
Date Calculator
Red-eye Removal
Family File Statistics
Windows XP support

New in Version 9.0
The Individual Facts Card (since dropped)
Adding Siblings to Ancestor Trees
File History
Technical Support New Online Help Center

New in Version 8.0
The Publishing Center (since dropped)
Find and Replace
FamilyFinder Tips (since dropped)
Family Group Sheet upgrade

New in Version 7.5
Drag and Drop Boxes
Drag and Drop Images
Drag and Drop Captions
Saved Views!!!
Printing Enhancements

New in Version 7.0
Family Maps
Fit-to-Page Ancestor Trees
FamilyFinder Center (since dropped)
Improved FamilyFinder Search (since dropped)
Improved Merging
Burial Information on the Family Page (since dropped)
Alternate Names

New in Version 6.0
Vertical Ancestor Trees
Back and Forward Buttons.
Relationship and Soundex Calculators
Privacy Mode
Foreign Language Form Letters
New in Version 5.0
Hourglass Trees
Expanded Facts and Events
Historical Timelines.
Interactive Research Journal
Colour Coding in charts
Custom Report Sorting
PAF 3.0 Support

New in Version 4.4
Fan Trees
Reference Numbers
Online FamilyFinder Reports

New in Version 4.0
Family Books
Book Layout Trees
Sources Database
Free Web Page

It should be noted with these various features that some were later discontinued, eg, Family Finder Tips introduced in version 8 and the Individual Facts Card (IFC) in version 9 were all dropped.

-----Original Message-----

Hi FTM gurus. Wondering if anyone has a nice historical list of the
versions of FTM sold to-date.

>From out of my memory are these:

FTM 3.0
FTM 4.0
FTM 5.0
FTM 6.0
FTM 7.0
FTM 8.0
FTM 9.0
FTM 10.0
FTM 11.0

What am I missing, what have I remembered wrongly. Sue A.

List information page

Online Support for Family Tree Maker
Version 16 and earlier

Version 2008 - 2010

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