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On Tue, 13 Aug 1996, Gary K. Jacobson wrote:

> Jared Olar wrote:
> > Arnulf's father was Bodegisel (Baudgise or
> > Boggis), who was descended from earlier Frankish kings who were of kin to
> > Merovingian house. Consult ANCESTRAL ROOTS Seventh Edition by
> > Faris, and look up the sources cited therein.
> >
> > Jared Olar
> I do not have access to Weis at this time. I have always operated under
> the assumption that St. Arnulf's father was unknown. On what is this
> information based?
> Gary Jacobson or

The confusion in secondary literature over the father of St.Arnulf is
due to the fact that medieval sources give different accounts of his
parentage. The earliest life of Arnulf perhaps written in the late
7th or early 8th century does not name his parents (a later source says
this was copied by Jerome (Hieronymus) son of Charles Martel). So
in this respect you are right: Arnulf's father is unknown. Information
about this comes mainly from much later accounts in the 9th & 12 centuries.
Paul the Deacon's work of the Deeds of the Bishops of Metz (c.784) also
adds the descent from the Merovingian kings. There is a
discussion of all these sources and materials in the introduction to the
1st Life of St.Arnulf in the _Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores
rerum Merowingiae_, II, p436 (ish). The confusion in modern
works is chiefly due to the fact that historians tend to dismiss this
genealogical material as later inventions designed to legitimise the
Carolingian takeover from the Merovingians etc, while genealogists tend
to accept them with glee, presumably becos of the continuity.

One mid-9th century Carolingian genealogy (_Domus Carolingiae genealogia_
I think, MGH, SS II, p309 fl?) gives St.Arnulf's father as Arnoald/Arnald
(fr Arnoul). The same source says Arnoald's father was Ansbert _ex genere
senatorum_. However there was a historical Arnoald who was Bishop of Metz
a decade before Arnulf (612/3-27/9) was bishop, and it seems that this is
currently the accepted version.

Another genealogy, this time of the 12th century (Genealogy of 1164,
MGH, SS I5, p381-4), also has Arnoald as father of St.Arnulf, but
furnishes more (unlikely) details. In this Arnulf's wife is named as Doda
daughter of Vibecis Count of Boulogne, and his mother is called Oda,
daughter of Gunzo duke of Suabia (this was followed by Meurisse in his
Histoire des eveques de Metz, I, 85, and so has passed into some older
secondary works).

Another life of Arnulf exists, which dates from the 9th century:
This does not mention Arnulf's parents either. However an earlier
edition by Dominicy in 1648 attributed it to Ummo or Umno and added that
Arnulf's father was Buotgisel. (Dominicy 1648, SS 13, 248).

In France most reputable scholars have chosen to believe that
Arnald was the father of St.Arnulf (eg the article on the saint in the
Dictionnaire de le geographie et l'histoire de l'eglise, vol III).
However it is noticeable that German scholars (eg Hlawitschka "Die
Vorfahren.." much quoted here recently) do not include Arnald among the
ancestors of Charlemagne.

hope this helps

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