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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Fw: Illegitimate descendands for Edward VIII?
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2001 19:14:28 +0800

A few years ago here in Australia an article appeared in the "Women's Weekly". It gave a very interesting story of the search of an Aboriginal woman who claimed that she was a granddaughter of Edward VIII.

The story was that on a journey through Australia on one of his last days in Australia the then Prince of Wales retired to his cabin with a girl named Mollee Little. Very quickly after that she married and moved to Australia's Northern Territory. Within nine months a son was born.
This son grew up and married and fathered a son, he also had an affaire with an Aborigal woman and they produced a daughter.

There was a portrait of this "son" of Edward VIII and there was a striking resemblance with the later Duke of Windsor. According to the article the "son" visited the Duke and Wallis Simpson in Paris.
The son has since died.

I own a book "The Prince of Wales' boiok" recording the 1919-1920 journey of the HMS Renown on which the Prince of Wales had travelled and this did mention the ship in Sydney's harbour in the last few days of their stay in Australia. This, of course, is only a confirmation that some of the story is correct.

Several years went by and then I found a paperback "Letters froma Prince" these letters cover the period from March 1918 till January 1921. These letters had surfaced in Canada and were letters written by the Prince of Wales to his mistress Mrs. Freda Dudley Ward.

In this book I found a very significant letter, dated 19 August 1920.
In previous letters he had referred to Mollee Little who had spend a lot of time with him and also placing Mollee Little and a Mrs. Chisholm together.

19 August 1920 at sea
Oh! how sad and disappointed I am----oh! the pain of it my beloved again, no Fredie letter. What can have happened....
I called on the Governor General and Lady Helen Ferguson at Admiralty House to say 'good-bye' before we sailed at noon, though we took quite a party out with us as far as 'the Heads', where we anchored at 1.00 pm to wait for the mail...there was Grace & Archie & then of course Mollee Little & 8 or 9 other girls, all bits belonging to & asked for by various members of the staff & ships' officers & they lunched on board & didn't leave the ship till about 5.00 pm
We danced for 1 hr after lunch & then everyone took his bit into his cabin, except for me angel, who only took Mollee for a final talk as she isn't my bit at all!!!

Here he continues with placating Freda Dudley Ward that she was "only" a friend. Of course, he is not going to tell his mistress that he had been sleeping with her, especially as this Mollee had links with people in the English circles of the Prince of Wales and Freda Dudley Ward. Mollee then married the son of that Mrs Chisholm and her sister in law, Sheila Chisholm, was at that time married to Lord Loughborough and married as her third husband Prince Dimitri of Russia.

For me this 'almost' proves the story of that aboriginal lady-----
Hope this was of interest.
Best wishes
Leo van de Pas

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