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From: "Ken Nordtvedt" <>
Subject: Pedigrees of Frisian R1b Cluster
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 12:43:51 -0600

A cluster of R1b with modal = 23,11 at DYS390,391 plus 24,11(DNAH convention) at DYS447,H4 plus 15,16,17,18 at DYS464 is found with robust population of 134 haplotypes in Sorenson before eliminating duplicate surname contributions. It is a very good candidate for being a healthy source of derived state at SNP S21.

To get an idea of where this cluster originates I tabulated location of earliest known ancestor for those who know their European roots. The following are occurrences of unique surnames counted each once.

England --- 25
Ireland --- 4
Scotland --- 1
Wales --- 3

Denmark --- 9
Sweden --- 1
Norway --- 1

Netherlands --- 3
Germany --- 4
Austria --- 1
Switzerland --- 1
Italy --- 1
Spain --- 1

So what tribe of the Germanic invaders/immigrants of the 450 A.D. era essentially did not settle Scotland and came from Denmark? The Jutes? Or do we try to interpret this distribution as a result of the Danish Viking invasions/immigrations of later centuries which established the Danelaw?

From past experience, the England/Scotland ratio is not often this large, especially for an R1b type.

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