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From: Anders Pålsen <>
Subject: [DNA] Large native american X-haploblock?
Date: Tue, 27 May 2008 20:48:45 +0000 (GMT)
In-Reply-To: <>


In an earlier post I described a simple method of identifiying x-haploblocks. The dataset is very large and any overview is very very difficult, however at random I noticed what appears to be a large native american haploblock both appearing among the Pima (from Arizona, USA) and the Karitina in Brazil, two native american populations very distant from each other. These haploblocks have a distinctive pattern from the other world populations, but do to some extent (and in some parts) resemble the asian population pattern. The haploblock may be wider but this is what my eyes have managed to see so far. There are some minor variations as the result of mutations but the main pattern do stand. The markers are:

rs5937206, rs17302855, rs2209420, rs914284, rs17217759, rs1408786, rs12686866, rs5981217, rs12688507, rs1925233, rs2031453, rs1536061, rs1555776 , rs5981220, rs4144532, rs1536060, rs5937220, rs4844174, rs5980813, rs5937240, rs7062638, rs5936693, rs5937244, rs5936694, rs6525308, rs581299, rs4844359, rs6625472, rs5936696, rs5980820, rs6625476, rs2031732, rs7060463, rs720536, rs4844364, rs6625481, rs4844367, rs11798640, rs4844177, rs5936698, rs5980822, rs7056340, rs4844178, rs4844096, rs6625489, rs5936708, rs5936709, rs1327347, rs5936487, rs5936488, rs5936491, rs7890121, rs2804329, rs5936735, rs2804334, rs2247412, rs12689325, rs6418420, rs2804344, rs2188454, rs4562502, rs6525337, rs12864026, rs5936510, rs5980665, rs1202990, rs12859728, rs1202985, rs5936518, rs5936520, rs5936795, rs5936796, rs4844202, rs5936523, rs5936524, rs5936803, rs1938018.

The basepair distance between first and last marker are 639 153 or 0.64 cM.


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