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Subject: Re: [DNA] DNA testing and the average tester
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 17:54:44 -0700
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Dear Barbara,
There is a wide spectrum of interest in the usage of autosomal DNA for
genealogical purposes. I suspect that it will always be that way. It is
important to realize that we are still "pioneers" in this field. The total
number of people who have done a 23andMe test, a Family Finder test, or an
AncestryDNA test is still relatively low, probably in the range of 500,000
to 550,000 people or so. Thus, many people aren't finding matches that they
can connect to yet. However, give these databases 10 years. There will be
a number of millions of people tested by that point. We will be seeing more
relatives by then for sure. Things will be much easier for people who do an
autosomal test for the first time 10 years from now than those of us who are
testing now. One of the problems with waiting 10 years from now for
testing, however, is that a number of the accounts will be abandoned by then
and there won't be anyone able to share the pedigree chart for those
accounts if they didn't make a pedigree chart available before the person
died or otherwise abandoned the account.
Tim Janzen

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Subject: [DNA] DNA testing and the average tester

I'm seeing a disconnect between suggestions on this list and the average
tester or potential tester. DNA testees that I know personally are having
little or no success with autosomal testing. A common comment is "I did
find a match to a fourth cousin, but I already knew about him." These
people are not purchasing tests for multiple realtives, usually are not
actively encouraging relatives to test, and usually don't have living

We need more suggestions to help single testers have success. The usual
suggestions of uploading to Gedmatch, emailing matches, making a
spreadsheet, posting a tree and surnames haven't helped me. I'm still
optimistic of more success, but I suspect many have mostly given up.


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