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Subject: Re: [GM] now has wiki, forums
Date: Tue, 6 May 2008 20:51:48 -0700 (PDT)
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The most prevalent problem with wiki development is a lack of
"librarianship," if I can reuse a word with a variant of its
meaning. What I mean is that wiki can easily produce a wide number
of forums, often duplicating or nearly duplicating each others'
information. A strong editorial source --often a committee, due to
the relatively large volume of activity possible-- needs to be in
place to reign in duplications as they occur. ...To herd the cats is
a good metaphor.

What is good, though, is the FamilySearch requirement to register
and then log in prior to making entries. It remains to be seen if
the FS wiki pursues the continuing use of web-bots that help apply
publication standards to the articles on (and
other languages that are part of the network).

I've seen more and more corporations assuming a wiki presence, at
least for their intranet activities, and the move has now come to
the online genealogy services. I guess it is about time, and it's
good to hear of a parallel from Eventually the WR and
FS wiki topics may mature into full articles that cross-reference
each other, more standard genealogy sites, and Wikipedia. (Perhaps
some of us have used and written for Wikipedia topics on genealogy,
and it may be the right time to start the cross-referencing

Thomas Kohn

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