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From: "Rosemary Larson" <>
Subject: {VC}[GV]Travel to Russia - 1764
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2004 15:12:38 -0600

Travel to and from Russia was requested by Dennis Zitterkopf, AHSGR
Board of Director Liaison for Village Coordinators..

2 March 1764
Daniel Hoffman and Christian Malm from Sweden.
Pierre and Charles Duquesne from Flanders.

Time line of travel to Saratov of the Duquesne brothers:

After Pierre Duquesne's proposal to travel to Riga, to Saint
Petersburg and on to Saratov was accepted by Lord Vorontsov, Russian
Minister in London, Pierre and his brother, Charles, left for Russia
from Flanders. It was the intent of the brothers Duquesne to conduct
farming, and possbly establish factories or have merchant businesses
in the Volga area..

14 February 1764
A passport for free passage to St. Petersburg was ISSUED in RIGA for
Peter Franziskus Duquesne and Charles Richard Duquesne.

15 Feburary 1764
Their Passport was REGISTERED under No. 553.

19 February 1764
Passport AUTHENTICATED by the Chancery of Economics No. 276.

26 February 1764
Foreigners, Pierre Duquesne and Charles Duquesne arriving at
St. Petersburg inquire about their dispatch to Saratov for settlement.
At St. Petersburg the Duquesne brothers received 10 rubles each for
transport and 17 rubles for travel expense from Riga to be paid to the
driver, Ivan Kuzmin, of the house of Lady Countess Golovkina.

27 February 1764
Payment of 13 rubles made to the Duquesnes since they stayed
in St. Petersburg for a few days to sign more travel papers.

2 March 1764
A FORMAL OATH was signed by Pierre Francois Duquesne and
Charles Joseph Duquesne with Father Hieronynous, Priest of the
Holy Catholic Church in St. Petersburg.

The OATH in part states:

"I, the below named, pledge and swear to Almighty God that I will and
shall be to the Most Serene, the most Supreme and Mighty Great Lady
and Empress EKATERINA ALEXEEEVNA, Autocrat of all the Russias,
and Her Imperial Majesty's beloved son, the Crown-Prince and
Grand-Duke PAUL PETROVICH, as the lawful legitimate Successor
to the Throne of the Russian Empire, a loyal and obedient servant,
and in additon to be faithful and responsible to/for my family as long
as I find myself in the said highest place, as also it is published
under the date of 22 July 1763 and contained in the Manifesto, and
that I do not go or step beyond the limits of Her Imperial Majesty's
highest will and command. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
All this I will and must loyally adhere to, so help me God in body
and soul, through the help of Jesus Christ. Amen."

3 March 1764
Payment of 30 rubles each to be made to Pierre Duquesne and
Charles Duquesne who desire to settle in Saratov.

4 March 1764
The Duquesne brothers are loaned 73 rubles for free passage to
Saratov for a passport to Moscow.

4 Mar 1764
Payment for transport from Moscow to Saratov including money
for a horse for each and a total of 6 rubles 34 kopeks paid.

5 Mar 1764
Pierre Duquesne and Charles Duquesne are dispatched to Saratov
where they desire to farm and settle. Free passage is granted to
Saratov and on arrival will appear before Lord Assessor Ries.

4 Apr 1764
received the decree of 4 March 1764 regarding foreigners arriving
in Saratov.

At this juncture we learn that the two Frenchmen and two Germans
(sic) will travel to Moscow by wagon as well as to Saratov by wagon.
Since the foreigners do not know Russian they are assigned a wagon
and driver and will be accompanied by a soldier, Trofim Kasatkin,
who will defend them against insults and harrassment on the way.
Kasatkin to be paid 7 rubles.

11 April 1764
The foreigners, Duguesne arrive in Saratov according to Assessor
Ivan Ries.

23 April 1764
Assessor Ries makes a full report of the arrival of the foreigners,
Duquesne. Ries also makes a report that he paid Kasatkin for
889 versts for travel from Saratov to Moscow, for 547 versts from
Moscow to Novgorod, and for 186 versts from Novgorod to
St. Petersburg to deliver the report of the arrival of the

[verst - 3,500 feet or 1066.8 meters] [1 verst - 2/3 mile]

23 August 1764
A report received 7 December 1764 by Assessor Ivan Ries that on
14 August, by the will of God, foreigner Charles Duquesne died.
The remaining foreigner Duquesne is to stay with other people.

The travel from Flanders to Saratov of Peter Franciscus Duquesne
and Charles Joseph Duquesne were extracted from Fond 28, File 15
on file at AHSGR in original and translated copies.

The translated Duquesne document is interesting to me since the
Duquesne name appears in one of my ancestral lines.

Pierre Francois [Peter Franciscus] Duquesne is the same person
mentioned in:

Kamenka First Settler List 1767, family #20:

DIKENG? Maria Anna, age 28, widow. Arrived 6 July 1765.
[lst husband, Gottlieb Frank]
son: Andreas Kasper, age 2

1775 Revision List
Listed near the end of revison list:
Widow Maria DICK, 36
son, Andreas Kaspar, 10

1798 Revision List
Andreas DIKUEN, 33
wife: Walpurga Eckler, 33
son: Johann Georg, 11
dtrs: Katarina 4, Anna Maria 3

Later records show the name, Duquesne, spelled
RECORDS, Pfeifer, Kansas, it is spelled DICKWENST.

The evolution of the name Duquesne ! ! ! ! ! !

Rosemary Larson
AHSGR Village Coordinator


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