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From: "MILLARD A.R." <>
Subject: Re: [G] Report on the Pomeroy Project
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 22:38:20 +0100
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Thank you for this which is very informative. Just having a description
of your systematic approach to documentary research would have been
useful, but it is very good to see how it intimately ties in with the
DNA study. I think this is pitched at a very good overview level, with
no details of how you have done family reconstitution using either
documentary or DNA evidence, but a clear statement of how you went about
it in a systematic way and the broad conclusions reached. It seems to me
that the key to the success of the whole project has been the setting of
realistic targets, coupled with enough funding to support the purchase
of certificates and DNA tests.

One thing you don't give any details of is how much time and effort was
required to develop the DNA study and documentary study. It sounds as
if there have been at least two of you collaborating on the Pomeroy
surname reconstruction project all the way through with others
contributing bits and pieces of data.

I'd be interested to hear how you and others think that the approach
would scale with the size of the ONS.
The same evening that I read your piece, I also read Barbara Griffiths
blog on how she is going about the Parry ONS, for a surname which must
be at least ten times more frequent than Pomeroy and variants.
The two pieces make for an interesting comparison, with differences due
to the size of the ONSs and the resources available (one person compared
to a society). My own ONS is at least ten times smaller than yours and
that also presents some differences. Firstly all colonial families known
to me have proven UK roots, and there are none in the USA. From
documentary research I have just five lineages from 1901 stretching back
varying lengths of time, though there are lots of small C20th trees
which could be resolved using certificate purchases. I also don't have
the financial backing the Pomeroy Family Association offers, which makes
DNA tests look expensive to me. Your comment that you wouldn't start an
DNA study without funds to back it confirms my feeling that useful as it
might be, a DNA study is beyond what I can do at the moment.

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