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Subject: Re: [G] Report on the Pomeroy Project
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 07:59:28 EDT


I concur with Polly's sentiments.You can in fact start a DNA project with
zero participants just by registering your surname with a testing company.
You've got nothing to lose and you might even discover some previously unknown

I started my DNA project not really knowing what to expect and without any
funds at all. My priority was to get my dad tested as he was 80 this year and
I didn't want to leave it too long. I paid for my dad's test to get the ball

I've since been very fortunate that a grateful researcher in Australia
wanted to make a donation to my ONS in recognition of the documentary research
I've done for him. I was able to use his initial donation to pay for four DNA
tests. He then sent a further most generous donation which I am currently in
the process of spending. The difficult part now is trying to track down living
people from the appropriate lines to take the test! My Australian has in fact
been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the DNA Project. He had previously
spent a large sum of money employing a professional researcher to investigate
the origins of his ancestor Henry CRUSE who was shipwrecked off the coast of
South Africa in about 1840. The only clue about Henry's birth place is from
his death certificate which states that he was born in Great Britain. With
the DNA test we now have a conclusive 36/37 match with a tree from
Berkshire/Wiltshire, contrary to all expectations and all the family legends which
suggested an origin in the West Country. As a result the paper research can now be
targetted more effectively, and we are now researching two likely candidates.
In cases such as this if you have a large enough pool of testers then DNA
testing can actually save people money.

I found too, like Chris, that having the option of a cheaper 12-marker test
(US $99) with Family Tree DNA was a big advantage to help to bring people
into the project. Four of my testers initially ordered the 12-marker test, and
they have all since upgraded once they had matches and saw the benefits.

I have 27 members in my project. Eight tests have been paid in full by my
benefactor, seventeen people have paid for their own tests, and I've spent £200
on a test for my dad and an mtDNA test for myself.

Debbie Kennett
Goons member no. 4554
CRUWYS one-name study

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